VIDEO: “My cat saved my son”

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  • carol

    i agree, dead dog and the owners would be seeing me in court. but, why did the mother walk away, leaving her son laying in the driveway?

    • aaron

      im wondering that too. im assuming she was running to get the father, but still, she blatantly leaves the young child well behind her where he is once again vulnerable. why not pick the small child up so the dog can no longer reach him? she just runs off and he is left trying to keep up. that dog would be fast enough to come back and attack the boy again with his mom being several feet away. not very smart in my opinion. I love dogs, but hopefully this dog gets put down. it clearly is a dangerous animal. it has shown that it will aggressively attack a child. cant keep an animal like that around.

  • Krys

    I commend the cat, but to the gentleman who commented about Pit Bulls – please bear in mind that all animals are capable of such a thing, and by generalizing towards a pit bull you are suggesting that only such a dog as that could do it. I promise you that’s a very untrue statement.

  • JenniferDawn

    OK, that cat gets unlimited tuna and a playhouse and a tiara and whatever else cats want… I am showing this video to my cats right now. LOL That was awesome! (not the part where the dog bit the kid though, that part was terrible)

  • Patty brown

    Roger, I love your cat <3 I hope your Son heals quickly and there are no long lasting scars , physically or mentally.

  • Bk

    How did all of this get on video? Even the angles of the dog sneaking around the back of the truck then it cuts to the other side where the boy is? It does not make sense to me. If someone was video taping it wouldn’t they have dropped the camera to help the little boy?

    • KB

      Video surveillance outside the house. I have something similar at my place… But seriously, why did the mom leave the child behind afterwards?

  • Stephanie

    BK it’s security camera footage of the front of the house the different angles are different cameras.

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