Embattled dentist’s license could be reinstated in a few years

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Chesapeake, Va. -  After years of NewsChannel 3 investigations into his questionable dental work and criminal charges for writing bad checks, the Virginia Board of Dentistry has revoked Derrick Broadaway's license.

According to the official ruling from the Virginia Board of Dentistry, Broadaway can ask for his license to be reinstated in three years.  However, three-fourths of the board would have to agree.  Broadaway is also facing a $5,000 fine that must be paid within 45 days of the ruling.

The board made the decision to revoke Broadaway's license around 2 a.m. Saturday after listening to nearly 12 hours of testimony from former patients and other dentists.

"I`m thrilled," said Rosemary Rogers, who told NewsChannel 3 about problems with Broadaway starting in 2012.  "It`s been a long time in coming for me and for a lot of other people."

"He falsified my medical documentation in addition to him botching my root canal and crown," said Rogers, whose complaints led to a previous suspension and $20,000 fine for Broadaway in the summer of 2012.

A different batch of complaints prompted Friday`s hearing in Richmond.  Nearly a dozen former patients testified about how his work left them with pain and infections.

NewsChannel 3 began investigating Broadaway in 2012 after his employees said he wrote bad checks.  He was later convicted of the crime and given a suspended jail sentence in Chesapeake in 2014.

A closer look at his history with the Board of Dentistry revealed 15 years of problems and complaints.  While Broadaway has been before the board for serious allegations before, he historically faced short suspensions, fines and continuing education.  His revocation Saturday is a rare move, as the Board of Dentistry has revoked less than a dozen licenses in the last decade.

"I`m just elated that justice has finally been served," said Rogers.  "I really pray that they do not even think about reinstating his license."

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Broadaway for comment, but we have not gotten a response.  There are two other licensed dentists in his practice, so the business may remain open.  Broadaway, however, cannot practice dentistry.

Final order entered by the Virginia Board of Dentistry


  • Kenna

    Had one bad experience with Mr. Broadway’s service that involved my son. Glad we found Dr. JB Martin, DDS. We never looked back!!

  • Sophia

    The board only did this to prove a point after YOU ran the story on them, Ms. Larche! I hope you have a plan B because your days as reporter will be over when the truth comes out. This whole NEWS story you’ve been reporting was based on greedy people who lost or had NO case so this is their way of payback and you fell for it! What a dummy! This man has children and you have put them in a bad spot. Sad!

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