UPDATE: Navy petty officer accused of DUI, killing pedestrian at Oceanfront issued bond

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Virginia Beach, Va. - A judge has issued a $25,000 secured bond for a 29-year-old sailor accused of killing a pedestrian at the Oceanfront while driving drunk.

Court documents reveal 29-year-old sailor Peter Teneyck was already drunk the night of Sunday, May 4th when he got behind the wheel to buy more alcohol. Records say while out on the beer run, Teneyck hit 50-year-old Jim Miller Jr. at the Oceanfront. Miller later died at the hospital. The documents say Teneyck’s blood alcohol content was .25 that night.

The sailor was about a mile from his home when police say he hit Miller on Pacific Avenue and 17th Street. Court records say when officers got there, Teneyck smelled of alcohol and was swaying back and forth.

Documents say the Navy petty officer has two previous DUI convictions. The first one was in 2007 in West Virginia and the other in 2008 in New York. He was also charged with a DUI in New York in 2009.

The Navy says Teneyck serves as a quarter master second class at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, but is on long-term limited duty while undergoing medical treatment at Duke. The Navy would not specify why.

Teneyck is charged with and Involuntary Manslaughter as a result of DUI and DUI 2nd offense.

A judge issued a $25,000 secured bond for Teneyck but under the conditions that he leave jail and immediately go to a naval facility in Portsmouth where he will be transferred to another military institution.

He must notify the court once he's transferred and can only leave the base for necessary medical care (at Duke) or to meet with his attorney.

He can only be transported by the military, his mother, father or sister. He cannot use any alcohol or illegal drugs and will be monitored via SCRAM device.

He is scheduled to be in court June 25.


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      If you had paid attention in school instead of worrying about your hair & nails, you would have learned how to spell correctly.

  • JTF


    Get off your high horse. Also, try turning off CAPS LOCK and use spell check. You will be listened to and people won’t automatically take you for an idiot the instant you post.

  • Tom

    How the heck did this guy even MAKE E5, Petty Officer 2nd class, after two previous DUI’s??????? The Navy today disgusts me….it has changed for the worse in the last 15 years, and the Navy seems to reward wayward and criminal sailors instead of punishing them and holding them accountable. Drive bad on base: no-fine, no point ticket.


    • Kevin

      Latosha, (Im assuming that’s the correct spelling) start paying attention in reading and writing class. Good god.

  • Carl D

    Well, he sure got himself in a real pickle. Trust me, he will be paying dearly for a looooooooooong time to come!

  • Donna Miller

    I am so disgusted at the actions of this man “Peter” who stole my brothers lilife. I am so angry and hurt.

  • Joe

    So essentially he his a gimp sailor tossed away on permanent TAD orders. Why is this guy still in the Navy when there are hundreds of sailors( (some) just years away from retirement who are getting kicked out because their ratings are locked up and no matter what they score on the exam they can’t advance. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

  • Frances

    They need to change DUI that involves a death from Involuntary Manslaughter to premeditated murder and maybe people would think twice before the drive DUI. The way it stands now it is nothing but legal murder. .

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