EXCLUSIVE: Juliet Bickford opens up about making false tax return – Part 2

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Juliet Bickford previously worked as the CrimeLine reporter on NewsChannel 3.

Federal investigators uncovered a false tax return while investigating her former boyfriend. She purchased a hot tub for therapy with a prescription and wrote it off, but she paid for the hot tub with her parents’ credit card.

For that, she had to appear in federal court Tuesday where she was sentenced to probation, fines, and community service.

“I want people to know that I didn’t mean to. It was a careless oversight on my taxes but it’s something that is important and serious and I’m working to correct it right now. “

Some might wonder how someone so savvy to the criminal element got taken.

Juliet Bickford dated Terry Grontis between 2009 and 2011. When the feds started looking at him in connection with an international money laundering scheme, they started looking at her as well.

Grontis and his alleged co-conspirators were indicted on a laundry list of charges, accused of scamming people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Grontis fled the country and is reportedly now hiding out in Greece.


  • Lillian Francis

    She was as much a victim of a scam as anybody else. The tax error? She’s paying for that. Bring her back, please.

  • j. jones

    mistake??? what Dr first writes a prescription for a hot tub and then it just amazes me that she thought she should be able to write it off on her taxes.

  • Helen

    I did still had some respect for her, she admitted she was guilty and we’re all human after all and deserve a second chance. However I no longer have any compassion for her, she seems to just be another innocent ” victim” who won’t accept responsibility for thier own actions and try and put the blame elsewhere. Disappointing but not surprising.

  • C'mon Now

    I smell a come back for Ms. Bickford in the works, and I’ll be honest, if that happens, I won’t tune in to News Channel 3 again. With me and my family at the very least…we’ll be getting our news elsewhere..hopefully from honest people.

    This bubble headed blonde act like Lisa Kudrow just recently pulled in court reminiscent of her days as Phoebe Buffay on the show Friends doesn’t sit well with folks. It didn’t work for Lisa in her case (she lost) and it ain’t working here. Pay that restitution and do that community service.

    Ms. Bickford is no slouch and surely educated enough to know that she was trying to pull a fast one on her taxes, and was caught, red handed. That simple. Own up to it, apologize and move on, but don’t expect the masses to run to you with open arms. You can EARN the respect and trust back slowly.
    I live in Suffolk. I ain’t going nowhere! Take your time ;*p

  • Ed

    It’s a minor crime even in the federal system. She made a mistake. I would say let you who have not made a mistake to cast the first stone. I know I dont fall in that catagory and I am sure no one else does. Give the lady a break, WTKR, bring Bickford back. I’m sure the brass of the station has made a few mistakes, some of which no one has been any the wiser too. I say all of this and i really dont even watch local news. Good luck Bickford.

  • Ed

    Lets start the Bring Bickford Back (BBB) campaign. Swamp the station with emails demanding she be brought back.

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