9-year-old Richmond boy killed while defending his sister from rapist

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A 9-year-old Richmond boy was beaten to death Thursday night while trying to save his 11-year-old sister from being raped.

According to WTVR, the children were playing on the railroad tracks in the south part of the city when a person approached them and attempted to rape the girl.

The girl’s brother attempted to intervene but was beaten and died as a result.

Warrants have been obtained for a teenager who is believed to be connected to the incident. The teen has been located and is being “medically evaluated.”


  • Barb

    What is wrong with People! Sick! Sick! Sick! Children are no longer allowed to be innocent children in fear someone raping,kidnapping or killing them!

  • lynnell

    The world is definitely has come to the end of time..The Bible is revealing it is..asking God for grace n a lot of prayer for this family n the young man that did this horrific crime..Lord heal this land

    • Roy

      If your god was real this shit wouldn’t happen. Start making this world better yourself instead of wishing to a soul fairy to fix things. I hope this dirtbag gets the brakes beat off him.

  • Linda

    Medically evaluated for what? So he can cry mentally impaired! No justice for either child. That little boy is a hero.

  • Keyante Williams

    I’m happy this happened. One future problem is dead and one current problem will be in prison for life. These problems are 12 percent of the population but 40 percent of our prison population. We as African-Americans are ruining this once great country. No wonder no one wants to live near us, we’re animals.

  • Buddy

    Medically rvaluated? He was medically fine an hour before this happened. He medically fine now. Punish at full extent of the law and as an adult. Old enough to want adult pleasure old enough for adult punishment.

  • Joy

    Please don’t get me wrong parents (and readers), I know you can’t watch your children 24/7, but you need to step your game up on watching the children. We are no longer living in a time where we can trust people. People commit a serious crime and the 1st thing they want to scream is MENTAL ILLNESS and the judicial system wants to have them evaluated

  • Derald Jones

    I think the person who did this should be taken in public and beaten like he did to the boy

  • TheNannyRules

    How is the 11 year old? I want to hear about her recovery. Did she get away? Did her little brother prevent her rape? :-(

  • Ryan C

    Very Sad Story. This boy died a brave hero. Our streets would be safer if more of our men were brave heroes.

  • Timie Watkins

    My heart goes out to the little girl this could scare her for life without love guidance and some spiritual therapy the loss of her little brother coming to her rescue. I pray for thr parents healing during this time, and pray that justice will be done.

    • Ryan C

      Latosha: Stop! The idea that there is a limited amount of money and that the white people or the rich people have it all so there isn’t any left for you is BS.

      Paper money is only worth the value it represents. Want money? Create value! Invent something important, learn a skill that businesses need, get licensed in something that’s in demand, start a business that provides some value that others want. You need something of value to trade for money. You and everyone else can have money, we just need to find some way to provide value to someone. This is the secret that successful people of all colors know. You need to become valuable to have money.

      Poor neighborhoods would be transformed in one generation if we just convinced our kids that all they need to do is become valuable and if we showed them how to do that.

    • Kaye

      YOU need to take a look in the mirror. This country is in this shape because of you and your forefathers. Don’t go blaming the white people. Its not our fault. We felt sorry for you all. Get a life and leave us alone.

    • Stanley Arnold

      Hello latosha, i was reading your response about the treatment of our people. I live in queens N.Y. and i would like to talk with you because i love a sister who defend the dignity of her people. Text or call me at 914-703-8469.

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