Will a maglev train float through Virginia Beach after flopping at ODU?

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It was a $16 million flop at ODU, but now a developer wants a second chance to build a floating train.

This time, he wants to do it in Virginia Beach, and city leaders are interested.

It looks like a magic trick. Flip a switch, and this train car literally hovers above the track, floating on a magnetic field.

This is what Tony Morris wants Virginia Beach to buy, a maglev train connecting Town Center to the Oceanfront. He promotes this as the future of transportation, a system far better and far cheaper than light rail.

It's a pitch he's made before.

This company is promising a lot to Virginia Beach, but can it deliver? We checked out this company's claims, and dug into its past - a past that left taxpayers holding the bag.

Is this company finally on track? Or is it taking Virginia Beach for another ride?

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  • andanotherthing

    I find it amazing that no one has thought of looking at what Disney uses. They have been using this system since 1959. This is most definitely a viable alternative to this maglev system that, at best, is a very iffy proposition.

  • Evey

    I thought you reported last week that maglev technology would not be explored? Was that only for the Newtown Road extension?

  • Harry

    Maglev will go from town center to the oceanfront. Town center to airport and town center to the princess anne courthouse area. Maglev is cheaper to expand all over va beach

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