Watch: Father pushes son off skateboard ramp

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Video of a man kicking his son off a ramp at a Florida skate park has sparked strong reactions online.

The video, which was first posted on Instagram Friday night, shows a man kicking his 6-year-old son down a skate ramp.

You can hear the little boy crying out in pain as he falls to the bottom of the ramp.

The Department of Children and Families told First Coast News they are investigating the incident.

“We do not consider this to be appropriate behavior,” spokesperson John Harrell said.

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  • doodlebug

    so sad that a parent would do this to their child. If he does this in public, what is he doing behind closed doors where no one can see. The child probably wasn’t doing what his father wanted him to do, so he pushed him. This child could of been hurt bad. Maybe someone should try pushing the father down the ramp when he doesn’t expect it! This is child abuse! Nothing funny about it!!

  • Shannon jackson

    This is so sad. Only 6 years old! Wow! I feel so sorry for the little boy. You know his father doesn’t see any thing wrong with what he has done. This is just the beginning of an abusive life for this poor boy. Please do something about this! Why do so many arrogant men think this is ok?

    • John Borden

      Where are “ALL THE ARROGANT MEN” that think this is “ok”?????? Women abuse kids just as often as men. Dont lump all men into the same category as this guy. And, I, will in turn, not put you in the same category as abusive women.

  • roger brown

    The father doesn’t deserve the six years old boy. The boy should be in child service. An the father lock up. For child abuse.

  • Phil

    so…risking breaking your child’s neck to teach a “lesson”??? He could have easily caught his helmet/head on the ledge. This is not parenting. You can teach a child to “perform” without risking having to teach your child how to steer his wheel chair.

  • Adrienne

    Child abuse! Take this child away from the father until he is fit to be a father. If ever. His son may never trust him again.

  • t

    This is not a a life lesson I raised three boys and this is not how you short circuit their fears this is how you scar them for life or God forbid kill them. Whoever this so called dad is he has been doing this and a lot worse to this boy when no one is looking.

  • Rica J Gilmore

    I do not agree this is way to train a child. I see almost 100% down with father comments except one pro by Lawrence. I really expected to see more saying the kid will get tougher and was not hurt. I never agreed with throwing a kid in a pool to learn to swim either. I did not particularly like being tricked into the roller coaster ride the first time (until the ride was over). Now, I can swim, and I love roller coaster rides though. IF you would have seen my on the roller coaster ride before and after the first time on, you would have hated my father too. Yet, I loved them after the second time. He knew I would once I stopped being a chicken. In this case, the child does slide down on his butt, and the father did start straight down to the bottom to meet the child after pushing him. I cannot see any physical harm whatsoever that caused him to cry. Just fear. What if it was a slide with no skate board, would everyone want to see the dad fried? Or a shorter fall? Or if the dad did not have his hands on his hip? Seriously, we don’t know the before, or the after. He may very well be a fabulous father in all other areas. To judge him as a person from a clip is short sighted. He may see this clip and know the kid did well emotionally after. He may see the clip and decide never to do it again. I am not for this method of teaching (although it was successful for me), but the kid is not hurt and it has been a parenting method for as long as parents had boys. This method was even used in my daughter’s summer camp to get her to slide across the field on a rope. She now pays to do it a fairs! Yes, she screamed and cried the first time. I am glad I did not see it, but the summer camp is not being sued over it or called inhuman or call fired down upon them for this exact same training method.

    • getoverit

      Not sure what video you watched, but that child didn’t slide down, he bounced almost at the bottom. And why is the woman at the end whispering, stop the video…perhaps afraid of what was going to happen next?

  • WD Jackson Sr.

    Show me the rest of the video. Was the boy hurt, my guess is NO! What happend after you cut it off. Did the man go to the boy, pick him up, hug him. Tell him, see, it was not that bad. Now, let’s go and try this again. I see a kid with all the safety equipment, helmet on his head, elbow pads on both arms and knee pads on both legs. You can’t hear the conversation between the man and (HIS) son. someone answer the question, Was the boy hurt or just scared. Show me the rest of the vedio so I can make a visual assessment. Those of you making a judgement and accusations of child abuse should also demand to see the hole vedio.

    • Hdav

      That child looked at him as if he was scared, of his dad. He walked away! And didn’t rush to get to the bottom! Amd for the camera to be concealed means somebody was trying to catch something he has been doing all along! Push his down a ramp! 6???? Ramp ?! There experienced salters that get jitters going down a ramp! One pf those moments when taking power of being a parent too far! That child will NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT! Never!! Smh

    • Gil Carolino

      WD Jackson, Your an idiot. I guess if put a cigarette out on my sons forehead and then apologized and hugged him, it’s alright because I was teaching him smoking is dangerous. My guess is your parenting skills equal your intelligence. THIS IS NOT OK TO DO!

      • Devin

        Thanks for someone saying something about that sugar coated bit of reality that he lives in, this is NOT OK!! Also as you can see, the father has his hands on his hips and walks away as if he doesn’t care about what he just did and continues down the stairs not in so much of a rush to help his 6 year old little boy.

    • MAHtman

      You’re “really” trying to justify this??? You must be quite the same if you think this is even close to being appropriate…regardless of what happened afterward!

  • Jade

    It’s still doesn’t matter.. It’s child abuse ummm he pushed a 6yr old ths boy to dang little to be up there to me anyways… And he clearly did NOT rush to get that baby

  • Jade

    Please lock him up.. That man pushed him.. He fell straight down he did not slide.. And he did NOT rush to get that baby .. That is awfully sad. I’m glad it got out… Y’all ppl who don’t agree are SICK

  • TJ

    I was interviewed the next morning by the local affiliate while skating at he park with my son. Later that day, the kid who filmed said the dad had pushed the boy down the ramp three times prior to the filmed portion. The father, by his own admittance when Martin Ramos called him, stated that he had lost his cool and “got caught up in the moment.” Martin also noted the guy’s “delusions of grandeur” about his kid’s future as a skateboarder. There are ways to encourage kids in positive ways and losing patience isn’t one of them. My kid has his fear moments, too. Skateboarding is about challenging yourself and your abilities – my kid might “chicken out” his first few times standing atop a new ramp. I always tell him he can do it, I encourage him, and every time he takes on the challenge on his own terms (usually after half an hour or so and I turn around and, zoom, there he goes). This guy has lost sight that first and foremost, this is about fun – it’s especially fun to participate in this kind of thing with your kid. No pressure, just a lot of laughs and enjoying the thrill of a new ramp or a new trick together.

  • L. Wilson

    We scream child abuse, but don’t know if the dad walked down to see him at the bottom… This looks like tough love to me. What father would dress his son in skate gear to abuse him. Mayb the child was afraid of the depth of the ramp. What six yr old, or any child for that matter would silently fall? I don’t think anyone would. I am a 28 yr old woman, and this is def something my dad would have done to me.

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