Beach Police: Evening inbound Oceanfront access likely closed, limited this weekend

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Virginia Beach, Va. – Virginia Beach Police have announced that they will be making major traffic changes near the Oceanfront this weekend.

Police say that major entry access points to the resort area will either be closed or limited to inbound traffic, likely during the evening hours, in order to reduce the number of cars in the area.

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It is likely that all traffic east bound on I-264 will be redirected westbound on Friday (4-25-14) and Saturday (4-26-14) nights depending on the level of traffic.

During this traffic diversion, vehicles will not be able to exit I-264W until they reach Lynnhaven Parkway.

Also, during this diversion, vehicles will be able to enter the area only via northbound General Booth Blvd., eastbound Virginia Beach Blvd, eastbound Laskin Road or southbound Shore Drive.

The traffic diversion/street closures will also affect most of Atlantic Ave vehicle traffic.

Officers will be on scene monitoring traffic and motorists are encouraged to make necessary arrangements to ensure that they are aware of the changes.

Delays should be expected in leaving the area.


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