Easter eggs filled with racist notes left in Henrico yards

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Henrico, Va. – Residents in Henrico County woke up to an nasty surprise in their yards on Easter Sunday.

Someone had left Easter eggs on their lawns with racist messages inside.

Neighbors rallied to collect the eggs before children found them, according to our sister station WTVR.

Police said one neighbor told officers that she heard dogs barking between 2 and 3 a.m.. That’s when she believes the eggs were dropped in the yards.

Read more at WTVR.


  • E Carr

    What a shame…On one of the most POSITIVE days of the year, someone would conjure up a plan to express racism… This world can be a disgusting place. Bless us all.

  • martin

    I don’t get it. The messages were “diversity is a codeword for anti white” and “diversity = white genocide” One might argue that these slogans are untrue or exaggerated, but how do they amount to “hate speech”, – why does the newspaper report this as “hate”? And why on Earth would the police investigate? What is there to investigate?
    If anything this over reaction just goes to prove that these people might have a point. Any suggestion that white people might just have ethnic interests like every other ethnic group must be ruthlessly crushed whilst Asians, blacks, Hispanics can organise along racial lines and that’s just dandy!

    • James212

      The media is telling white children – you MUST be forced to become minorities in Europe and America -to OPPOSE your destruction is RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST HATE SPEECH!

      The claim of genocide is NOT exaggerated – that really IS the goal…. pay attention to your media

  • Ashley

    I agree with Martin. There is nothing racist or hateful about this. Nobody even cares if they’re called racist anymore. Racist is just a way of saying that you’re a white who is not liberal.

    Check out this video to see how deluded and hypocritical people in America are about race

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