No pothole is safe around this guy

Potholes, beware! It's spring and the “Pothole Hunter” is in town.

Phil Itkwick is the brain child of VDOT's communications department.

Lennie Tierney and Rob Monroe came up with the character in 2010, to help educate the public about reporting potholes.

Over the past 4 years, the duo produced three different videos.

The latest, released at the beginning of April, tells the tale of the Pothole Hunter's early years.

Their success is helping VDOT get their messages out to the masses.

NewsChannel 3 traveled to Richmond to interview the "Pothole Hunter."

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  • Timo

    It shouldn’t be drivers responsibility to report VDOT where potholes are located. They get paid to do that, it’s VDOT’s JOB !!! If they don’t like it, maybe they need to consider different job altogether.

  • Sam Howard

    We know where the potholes are, We want to know where the repair crews are? Chesapeake spent a lot of money to enhance the crosswalks with paved brick on Volvo Parkway at each intersection. From Battlefield Blvd to Greenbrier Parkway they widened the side walk to six feet and put up Colonial decorative lights along the walkway.Looks nice,but I would rather them patch the Craters at the Railroad crossing in front of the Police precient on Volvo Pkwy. I think I can see a Volswagon roof in one of them. This problem has been there for quite a while. I’ve got a better Idea how about letting pedestrians use the roadway, and motorist use the new walkway.Chesapeake traffic engineers and planners will probably lay the responsibiliy on the railroad,while the railroad counters that it’s the city’s responsibility. I don’t care,FIX IT!

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