Seattle burger restaurant ad features Jesus smoking a joint

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An advertisement for a group of Seattle-based burger restaurants is raising eyebrows.

The ad, which was emailed out to approximately 13,000 subscribers, features a picture of Jesus holding a burger and a marijuana joint. A text bubble from Jesus’ mouth reads “When I Get Back, All I Want is the Burger of the Gods.”

Above him is Easter’s date (4-20-14) with the 4-20 highlighted in green. The advertised sale is a BOGO deal for the “Burger of the Gods” on Easter Sunday.

Owner John Schmidt told that the ad was supposed to call attention to an Easter sale. And since Easter happens to fall on 4-20 — a popular day for marijuana enthusiasts — Schmidt decided to add the extra twist by putting a joint in Jesus’ hand.

“The chatter is much more than I anticipated,” Schmidt said. “I’m simply trying to sell burgers.”

Schmidt says he is a practicing Christian and a family man who is just trying to make his small business work.

“I’m not your moral compass,” Schmidt said. “We’re just trying to sell sandwiches. If you’re looking to me for moral direction you’re probably misguided.”



  • Debbie Cutchins

    As a Christian, this ad offends me. My Jesus gave everything for me and I would never use him in an ad like this. I do not understand how a true Christian could do this. Jesus deserves our respect and reverence and this ad gives him neither.

    • jesse James

      People these days just look for any reason to complain. The earth is 13.4billion years old. How can jesus who was born between year 0 and year 1 be the son of the known universe.

  • Cheryl Shumate

    I don’t know what kind of “Christian” this man claims to be, but he had better get into the Bible and check it out…what he is doing is blasphemous….

    • Mitch

      I AM a Christian and I AM offended at anyone’s religion being mocked or belittled in an advertisement.

  • Twyla

    It’s blasphemy, irreverence, disrespect , sacrilege to the one and only Son of the one and only God.

  • sherrell

    Its advertisements and quote unquote all in fun jokes like this that has America which I truly believe to be the Promised Land because we have the overflow of practically everything on thin ice.

  • jesse James

    The Bible is 80 percent violence, and alls it does is misdirect humanity from the true origins of the universe, and the spiritual connection between mind and matter. It is a form of indirect control

  • Todd bastion

    As a true Christian if you read all the passages of the Bible you would see that the true holy sacrament of communion is cannabis and he said he would raise up a plant of great renown which would be for the healing of the nations The only thing we know that drinks human blood is a vampire the Lion of the tribe of Judah is the only one who could open the seventh seal pay attention to what the Bible says when you read it’s words it also clearly states that He gave man the right to use all herbs for meet the herb is a God-given gift it does not belong to Cesar he also clearly states if a man feels that it is clean for him then he has every right to use it or eat it if you do not feel it is clean for you then you must abstain

    • sherrell

      Key words “only thing we know” we cant read the bible in a natural State of mind but rather supernatural. God is a Spirit He created us and everything we Know. He ‘s all Knowing not us. Yes the bible has violence and some of the worst Kind. God loves us and He is the begining and the end whats in the bible is the history thats not taught in schools which it Should be because we would have been better prepared for the things we are facing today. There is nothing new under the sun no matter what the Creations (people) create. From b. c. to now words and meanings have changed all at the hands of people Who have been trained to Strive and survive in a man made environment. There is too much confusion in the world to rely solely upon our Own Understanding again we are not all Knowing Such as the Father so we cant fool ourselves God sent His son Jesus to reconcile us back to Him this tell me He wants us to live and not die. This natural herb has been altered and affects our brain health negatively sounds like a trick to me the devil Come to steal kill and destroy and it goes to Show he’s trying to do so by any means necassary.. g

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