VA Governor signs changes to synthetic marijuana law aimed at closing loophole

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After a NewsChannel 3 investigation exposed a loophole in Virginia's synthetic marijuana ban that allowed newer versions of it to legally be sold in stores, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed off on changes to the law that will begin July 1.

The changes expand the list of banned chemicals compounds associated with spice, and it makes it easier and faster for the state to ban new versions that spice makers create.   While the process once took years, it can now take a matter of weeks.

Before the changes, spice makers skirted the law by creating new chemical compounds that weren't specifically listed in the law.

The new law also increases the penalty for those who make, sell or intend to sell synthetic marijuana.  Previously, the sentence range was from one to 5 years, but the new law makes it one to 10 years.


Proposed changes to VA spice law could close loophole
Spice law loophole allows newer versions to remain in stores

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  • O. B. Server

    Yeah: notice how quickly all the “stakeholders” (in government and corporation) snap-to and pass laws that throw you and grandpa and your kids in jail. Only, they don’t put it quite that way now, do they? Of course, if you want to give life-saving natural cannabis medicine – despite that the police chief/baptist preacher swears on a stack of Bibles how evil pot is – to your epileptic daughter, then you’re a big-time drug-lord in a school zone, and another notch in the local prosecutor’s belt. Sweet deal for government and private-prison stockholders, bad news for the slaves in prison worked for 25 cents an hour to buy 10$ a roll TP. That’s why the police state squeals whenever “Legalize Pot” is mentioned. The crocodile tears for the kids is all show for the dupes. Pardon my French,

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