Fiancé of guard charged with rape at ODU: ‘It can’t be true’

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Norfolk, Va. - Michael Spearman is charged with rape. Old Dominion Police say the 29-year-old sexually assaulted a student while working as a security guard at the district apartment complex, just off campus.

It happened early Saturday morning, his fiance, Kirsten Jackson, the mother of his five children, does not believe what police are saying about her man.

"It can't be true. Why would somebody say that about a person who wouldn't hurt anyone? Jackson said.

The university isn't giving any details about what happened. Officials aren't saying where in the complex the rape occurred.

Just that it happened around 1:30 am Saturday.

"He's a great person," Jackson said. "Anybody who's ever met him you know he's sweet, he's charming, he's giving."

Spearman's family talked to Newschannel 3, because they say his mugshot doesn't show the whole picture. A father of five, charged with the rape of an ODU student, a case that's being investigated, and for Spearman's family praying for those answers is as tough as living without him.


  • Ashley

    Another dumb female lying about being raped . So sad I have a friend going thru the same thing . Why these stupid females always lying . They should rot in the out of hell .

    • Anna

      Why would you assume the victim is lying? What’s dumb is a POS like you presuming ever female is lying. I suggest you find new friends because more than likely your friend is guilty, just like this POS.

  • Hampton Roads Potential Juror

    All the name calling is petty and ridiculous. This man is INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY in a court of law……specifically Norfolk CIRCUIT Court.
    Its sad when the media is so intent on sensastionalism and drumming up drama and “breaking news” that they lose sight of their ethical obligation to report from an unbiased platform.

    IF he is guilty let it be proven and THEN SHAME him but until that time lets ALSO remember that ODU Police AND Norfolk Commonwealths Attorney were under considerable pressure to get this case to trial.
    Im not completely convinced that the University Police and specifically there own seperate detectives are competent and or have the experience in these type of crimes to even be THE investigating agency.
    Ive had personal and professional interactions with ODU Police Detectives and the interactions on matters of law and investigation have left me wondering how they obtained their rank.
    This case is a perfect example of rushing to charge….again time will tell but INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY NOT JUST

    Keep this in mind folks should YOU OR A LOVED ONE…someday be the person wrongfully charged.

    Lets try to keep this in perspective UNTIL the JURY or JUDGE rules.

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