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Hampton University employee among four accused in drug distribution conspiracy

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Newport News, Va. – The Newport News Sheriff’s Office has charged four people in connection to a drug distribution conspiracy among inmates being held in the Newport News City Jail. One of the individuals charged was a Hampton University employee.

On April 2, deputies intercepted mail that was addressed to inmate Michael Cleary that contained tobacco, rolling papers and marijuana.

The next day, mail was sent to another inmate and it contained the same thing.

On April 4, a third piece of mail was intercepted and this time there was heroin, tobacco and rolling papers inside.

Investigators say the mailer was Sharrieff Rahseem De’Johnette, a 40-year-old employee at Hampton University.

Michael Cleary, Daniel David Hogge, Shiron Lamont Gilliam and Sharrieff Rahseem De’Johnette were all charged.

The Newport News Sheriff’s Office is still investigating this case.


  • Edward Robinson

    Over the 2 years I’ve attended Hampton University I’ve become somewhat acquainted with Professor De’Johnette. Personally, I feel that the accusation against him are completely out of his character. With that being said i’d like to remind the public that to be “charged” with a crime does not imply guilt. These outrageous charges could very well be the result of a plot against Professor De’Johnette to drag his name through the mud or get back at him. Professor De’Johnette is a History Professor, and is known for challenging his students ways of thinking, as well as setting a high standard of expectation for them. Alot of students complain because they end up failing his class, when it is “Supposed ” to be a simple class to pass. However, If you take Professor De’Johnette’s class… You will not be taking any shortcuts. Someone could have easily put Professor De’Johnette’s name on an envelope and mailed it out, and in my opinion that isn’t too far fetched of a theory to entertain. I urge everyone to be patient and let the Criminal justice system do it work to provide a fair trial to him. Everything will be clarified soon hopefully.

    • HUlegacyAPA

      Yes prof. DeJohnette is innocent until proven guilty however to imply that he was setup by a former disgruntled student is ridiculous, irresponsible and insulting. I was a student of his almost 10 years ago. You will find a lot of former students of this professor that did not find him a very credible professor even the ones that did excel in his class (me included). At the time I was a student of his I did not find him very qualified to be teaching at a University. I think this is the reason he did not teach anything higher than 100 level courses. He had a major problem with giving certain students preferential treatment over others. At times he acted like a high school mean girl. If you were not in his inner circle of favorite students you received very unequal treatment from him. I always felt Prof. deJohnette put up a facade and definetly do not think that any former student would set him up. I thinks it’s an insult to all HU students and alumni to even imply that. If so, then I guarantee a certain business law and a finance professor that alienates many of their students would be setup every year. Im going to assume that you must be in his inner circle of favorite students since you speak so highly of this man but Unless you went home with him every night you do not know what his personal life entailed. You must open your eyes that not everyone is who you think they are and Prof. DeJohnette is definetly not what many think he is. He has embarrassed the University, his students, and should resign immediately.

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