College students start petition to ban Michael Vick from training on campus

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CORTLAND, N.Y. – Michael Vick has a new team and a new city, but some college students don’t want him around.

Vick’s new team, the New York Jets, train on the SUNY Cortland campus each summer. This week, Cortland students started a petition on the website to ban quarterback Michael Vick from taking part in those training sessions.

The petition suggests Vick’s participation in dog fighting should never be forgotten, despite the fact that the quarterback served 19 months in prison after pleading guilty to charges stemming from his five-year operation of Bad Newz Kennels as a dog fighting ring.

Vick has also issued a serious of public apologies and has given both his time and money to The Humane Society of the United States, a preeminent charity that fights for the humane treatment of animals.

Apparently none of those atonement-seeking efforts were enough to stop the students who started the petition from continuing to hold Vick’s past transgressions against him.

“We MUST send the message that we won’t be party to the torture of animals by conveniently forgetting what he has done,” the petition states. “If we welcome Vick onto our campus, we are complicit in his crimes. We are sending the message that, for money and publicity, we will turn a blind eye to the horrors of dog fighting. I don’t want to be that person, and I don’t want SUNY Cortland to abandon its principles so easily.”

As of Thursday morning, over 14,000 had signed the petition.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory when an organization’s association with Vick has elicited outrage. The owner of a sports memorabilia shop Pennsylvania cancelled an autograph signing session that was set to feature Vick last year after he said he received “dozen of death threats against me and my family.”


  • keepofthefield

    I personally feel he has no right to be out on a ball field, in the public eye. I will never forgive or forget what he did with his dogs. What’s he gonna do with his huge salary this time?

  • RVF

    But it’s okay to be in a drunken individuals doing their job racist words that gets aired on news & social media, then because you have a good game all is forgiven and forgotten…..NOT! Hey get over it Mike has paid his debt and dues to society. Then people threaten his family and that’s okay? People treat animals with more respect than humans. If you don’t like the fact that he’s there..pack up your wagon and move to Arizona.

    • Latasha Berry

      I’m not shocked at all. You’re not allowed to make mistakes if you’re a black celebrity. White people never forgive they’ll hate you forever…..unless your name is Kobe

      • Natasha Brown

        Latasha, what a completely ignorant blanket statement. White, black , purple, yellow ect, forgiveness is not limited to specific races.

  • Jennifer

    I also agree that he should have never done what he did. I am a dog lover and 4 dogs myself. But I will say he did his time and trying to the right thing now and hopefully he learned from all of this. But these college students need to grow up and realize he pleaded guilty served his time and tried to make right for what happen. Of course we will never forget what he did. But everyone needs to learn to forgive. And let Vick do his job.

  • keepoffthefield

    Just one sentence in your post relates to what I said. I don’t know where nor do I care your other words came from. Yah he did his time but he should not be back in the public’s eye making mega-millions. He won’t do anything good with his earnings.

    • Rose

      It’s NONE of your business what he does with HIS money….maybe he can come and take you out to lunch….

  • sema

    These are obviously people who have nothing to do with that degree that thier mommy and daddy is paying for. If you want to save the world start with people who need your assistance first. Let’s not focus on people that have paid their debt to society and to the so called victims. Get something to do that is more useful to society.

  • Hike Hunt

    Pete Rose gambled ON HIS OWN TEAM to WIN. He was kicked out of baseball forever and cannot be in the Hall of Fame. This barbarian tortures then murders dogs and is allowed to make MILLIONS. If you are not outraged, you are the problem. This is not right.

  • ¿Who's Krazy?

    Hey! THE MAN DID HIS TIME! He went to FEDERAL PRISON for killing DOGS (which there was no clear evidence that even killed them)! And these are the type of dogs that are OUTLAWED in many places in this country at that. He lost EVERYTHING and had to start his life over. He did everything that the law required him to do (Jail time and community service). Leave well enough alone for crying out lout.

    Riddle me this… Where were all of you when those white men in Florida were killing unarmed black kids? By the way, those men were NEVER found guilt of murdering those HUMAN BEINGS when the evidence was CLEAR that they did it. Where are your petitions for THAT? Oh, let me guess, you conveniently FORGOT about that, huh? The nerve of some of the people in this country. You know, I never thought I would see the day when a dog’s life had more precedence over a human life. There are more pressing needs in this country, like MENTAL HEALTH and EDUCATION.

  • I support Vick!

    Vick did his time, get over it people let him live his life. People murder humans everyday and they don’t get harassed! Get a life and leave this man alone! Go Mike Vick

  • Lenny Cox

    I have to laugh when I read the comments about how Mike has done his time and he said he is sorry and he gives money to SPCA. Do you people think for one minute that this “person” would not still be doing exactly what he was doing before had he not been caught? They are paying this animal killer millions because he can run and sometimes complete a pass. I will continue to hope the same thing I did when he played for the Eagles. I just want two defensive lineman going in oposite directions meet with him in the middle. I read about Pete Rose being out of baseball because he bet on some games he was not even involved with and he is banned for life! Excuse me Vick deserves no less ban from football for his actions. Give our kids someone to look up to. Not this piece of trash!

  • Terry Grinnalds

    Read “The Lost Dogs,” the book on Vick and his dogfighting ring. He didn’t just run a dogfighting ring. He personally tortured and killed the dogs who weren’t vicious enough for him. He picked up one and slammed it again and again agains the floor until it died. How does paying court-required penalties absolve him from that?

  • Hollwood Bleu

    What was never reported were the “OTHER” high profile professional football players that were involved with the whole dog fighting fiasco… Vick lives 2 miles down the road from me I see him at 7-11 alot.. Let the dude live his life.. There are murderers out here who are livin it up after it was blatantly clear they were guilty … And last, tell me how many of these rightous college kids are thinkin about inhumane treatment of animals when they skip their happy butts to McDonalds and poat up to that counter and order that #1 combo…..? Wow !! the hypocrisy and nerve of some people … How bout , the holocaust or slavery while we’re at it …. what? excuse me ?? ,,,crickets…

  • Hollwood Bleu

    Well Terry , how about how we live in the 21st century and Black men are still being drug behind trucks until they are unrecognizable….???I love animals as much as the rest but uh .. c’mon…..Read some of those books.. Funny how those REAL stories just fade away .We can go back and forth all day long truthis , we as humans do far worse to each other than we have ever done to animals… its a shame…..

    • ¿Who's Krazy?

      So, Rachel, you don’t believe that a person who has committed a crime, been found guilty of that crime, and served the punishment issued for that crime should be allowed to come back into society and live a productive life OR continue in their profession? Do you believe that the punishment should follow them for the rest of their natural life?

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