Newport News Police officer arrested again after violating protective order

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A Newport News Police officer facing felony charges after police say he threatened to burn down his home has been arrested again for violating a protective order

30-year old Christopher B. Hancock was originally arrested on Tuesday, April 8th at Newport News Police Headquarters after a five day investigation.

Detectives say it stemmed from a domestic incident that occurred with his wife at their Denbigh area home. Police say during an argument, Hancock threatened to burn their house down. A Newport News Police spokesperson tells NewsChannel 3 the department was notified of the incident after his wife filed a protective order with the court magistrate.

Police say Hancock was arrested at police headquarters Tuesday afternoon, charged with felony threats to burn. He was released later that day.

He was arrested again on Thursday at Police Headquarters in reference to violating a protective order. He was placed in the custody of the Newport News City Jail.

The circumstances surrounding the second arrest were not released.

NewsChannel 3 spoke to neighbors who live nearby, they say they felt safe knowing a police officer lived just across the street, that was, until they heard the news.

“You depend on the police and I was just kind of secure,” said neighbor Regina Pugh. “You depend you can go over there and I hate to think that I couldn't for whatever reason.”

Hancock joined the Newport News Police Department on July 16, 2011 and was assigned as a patrol officer. He is presently on unpaid administrative leave.


  • Brian

    Just like people who assault and/or kill cops are held to a higher standard of justice, so should a cop when he crosses the line. This boy has no business wearing a badge and should be punished to the fullest extent.

  • Zo

    I see this taking place cuz they just went through with crazy who stabbed and burned wife and all her 3 out of 4 kids. Lets see him do jail time. He will plead down, but should get something

  • Nancy Ellen

    If he is found guilty then he should be punished, no police are not above the law, they are human just as we are, but with today’s pattern of false allegations running wild in family court systems, I will not let my personal feelings of the alleged actions be voiced until it is proven that he is actually guilty of the accusations. It is really sad that this is the state of our world today.

  • Garnet Red

    While I don’t support this guy for being a jerk I’m really not thrilled with the idea of people being arrested for something they “said” Anyone can say you “said” something and pretty much wreck your life.. think about it folks…

    • James Michael

      They don’t care about that…..nor that the law requires an injury to present standing to sue….. Just their stupid and speculative postulations ….Well what if he did this? Which amount to nothing at all actionable in any REAL court of law….. Injury, real and concrete or imminent is required to show standing in a court. Without it, all they are doing is scamming you. Just so you know, I cannot stand any cop in any way, shape, or form, either…. but the facts, are the facts this man has done nothing wrong, to force him into a court or a cage….Unless we really are living minority report now and caging people for future acts…..

  • Renee

    I don’t have anything against police officers or any officer of the courts. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Anyone can accuse you of saying or doing something. Doesn’t mean you did. So don’t condemn him until it has been proven in a court of law.

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