Father charged with neglect denies kids were soaked in urine

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Newport News. Va. - Victor Jackson, 32, is charged with child neglect. Newport News police say they found his children covered in urine while on a boat at the marina near the James River Bridge.

"They wet the bed you know?" Jackson said. "That's just a fact. Kids wet the bed at five and seven the seven-year-old probably wasn't the one covered in urine."

Jackson says his ex-wife was the one who called police, in an attempt to prevent him from seeing his two boys.

"Almost as if she didn't want me to be their father anymore," Jackson said.

Monday morning at the Leeward Marina, police took the two children off Jackson's boat. Officers also say there was a loaded gun was on the table.

"They were 15 feet away from it and they were sleeping," Jackson said. "And I was about to put it in my holster and next thing I know somebody breaks in my boat."

While Jackson says it was his youngest who wet the bed, police say it was his older son who was covered in urine. Police say he didn't have a change of clothes available, he was left to wear just a life jacket, an accusation Jackson vehemently denies.

"They snatched my children off the boat and they did not give the children the decency as I tried to before they snatched them up," Jackson said. "I gave them a morning bath and breakfast and did not give them the decency to put their clothes on."


  • Nancy Ellen

    too many are using false allegations to get the upper hand in court now days. This man’s story has a ring of truth to it. Sometimes an outsider doesn’t get the whole picture before they react. If the mother knew she has a bed wetter, then she could have very easily have made a falsehood with certainty that people would react before thinking. just saying.

    • I know him

      His story has almost no truth to it! I know this man and their mom and he is a pill addict and he was NOT awake that morning, he was still
      Passed out f*cked up when the boys mom showed up, there was no bath or breakfast… He’s a flat out liar!

      • Alyssia

        What you mean is your friends with Brenna…. I know both of them as well. Bias much? Your persective is different from mine. I know the man that loves his children more than life it self and those kids are his life.

        • Cindy Batchelor Isely

          I know them both as well. Not biased at all. I watched as this man was evicted from the home he rented and all of these kids belongings emptied onto the lawn. Why can’t he afford a suitable home for his children? Living on a boat is no way to provide a home for your children. I also witnessed him driving into a utility pole while under the influence of “pills” cutting off the power to the back area of Poquoson and ultimately running from police. This landed him 6 months in jail. So I do not think the mother’s call to police was unwarranted. These are only a few examples. This father has anger issues as well as drug abuse problems and does not need to be with these children. I am not just giving an opinion based on what I think but it is based on what I have actually witnessed. I, personally, have waited at the preschool(on more than one occasion) with the youngest child while the school tried to locate his father(could not) to pick him up because he was supposed to. Ultimately, his mother came to get him. I have seen threatening text messages as well as this man becoming incredibly angry at a neighbor because she accidentally backed into his trash can. He pounded on her car window and was screaming obscenities all while his children were watching! This woman was elderly!! There are many other examples that I could post that I personally witnessed but would take up too much space. Sometimes accusations from exes are real, accurate, and well founded and should not be ignored. Personally, these children should have been taken away from this man long ago. I hope the system works well in this case. He needs to get help for his addiction and anger issues before something horrible happens to these kids.

  • ME

    I would never ever have firearms around my children (unless they were old enough to be trained to use them and respect them), BUT I really don’t think there’s any part of his story that is not believable. Sounds like their mother is just willing to try to do anything to get some kind of revenge on him.

  • Sonya McIntyre-Handy

    I worked several years in child abuse prevent for Virginia and this case is latent with fowl the Mom should have protected her children from embarrassment and simply changed cloths then file a complaint with social workers. No one was harmed until the police failed to notify DSS which would have not filed a charge but referred to court to protect the children. No gun rights dictates where a gun under adult supervision is located. The children did not have possession of a gun. Wetting beds is not a crime. The mothers Brenna Lyerman mothers new husband just happens to be Leutenant in same police department. This explains why unlawful entry on Mr. Jackson property has not been addressed. Sad the children suffer this public shame for spiteful behavior. I believe some administration is going to be under scope now.

  • Glumes

    Please tell me how the police had the right to board his vessel. This guy could be full of it but it sounds like the ever present trend of parents making outrageous allegations against their exes for financial or custodial gain. I’ve watched people try to destroy the career of their ex just for spite, which is counter-productive if you want to maximize your alimony/child support. If the above comment is true about a relative on the police force involved then they should definitely be under review or fired for jumping the gun and not going through the proper channels. I hope that ‘grandma’ is happy with her new husband on NNPD after he loses his pension/retirement for misconduct.

  • Sonya McIntyre-Handy

    More info. Incident alleged incident reported around 8AM Saturday. Passed the fuck out? Many sleep late and the person that took a child into the street without even a towel or fathers tee shirt is the abuser. If child was in tthe 3 bedroom boat in privacy they emotionally damaged child.

  • Sonya McIntyre-Handy

    Mother has history of substance abuse, narcotics. She was institutionalized for treatment. Father has no illegal pill use. Perhpas off the wagon caused irrational scene? Also, why get a 5000 breast implant when you are being evicted, if true? Mother has physical custody if children repeatedly left at school she is responsible parent if true. Also, if all her “friends” assertions true, why were they on boat house spending night? Why did she not pick them up at evening if he is so unfit? Why not go through family private court? Because fowl police work and no social worker called to scene

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