Sleepwalking 10-year-old cited for crashing family car

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OHIO — A 10-year-old girl has been cited after police say she grabbed the keys to the family car and crashed it into four cars down the street.

This all happened while she was sleepwalking, police say.

They say the girl drove down the street about two and half blocks before hitting three cars and a semi-truck.

When officials arrived on the scene, the girl was scared and crying, but no one was injured.

The child’s father says the girl has a developmental disability and is known to sleepwalk, but says she has never done anything this extreme.

Police have cited the girl with failure to control, not wearing a seat belt and operating a vehicle without a license.

They say this is standard procedure so the people with damage to their cars can get help from their insurance companies.

The girl was not arrested, but will have to appear in juvenile court.

Officials say the case will most likely be thrown out.

Source: CNN