10-year-old suspended over pencil sharpener

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Suffolk, Va. - Pencil sharpeners are something most kids have at their fingertips in school.

Suffolk authorities say a 10-year-old girl at Booker T. Washington Elementary took one apart and used the blade to threaten another student.

It happened Friday, but many parents heard about it from NewsChannel 3 Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the girl had a razor blade inside a classroom and told administrators the blade came from a handheld pencil sharpener.

They say the student was threatening with the blade was not hurt. School officials called the girl’s parents and police.

Suffolk Schools spokesperson Bethanne Bradshaw refused to answer any questions about this on camera.

But parents are left wondering should pencil sharpeners now be considered a dangerous weapon?


  • Pat

    this is disgusting. I hope the parents of this little girl is happy. what the hell is going on. A stupid pencil sharpner??? Now they are going to be outlawed too… This is amazing. Parent should be investigated to see why this child is so hateful.

      • Katie

        I agree! Thgis is crazy when you have to worry about if a pencil sharpener is a waepon! Someone clearly did not spank thair child enough.

          • A man that never spanks his kid.

            Yeah. Let’s physically hit our children so we can show them how violence is the answer when we dont get our way or when someone makes us mad. I say this kid was brought up in a household that indeed did spank her when she “did something wrong”. I believe it starts from a very young age. “Violence from my parents means it’s ok if I should grow up to be violent.” Your old school way of punishment could definitely benefit from some new school ways of thinking. And i would absolutely hate to be your kid.

  • Nicole Katic

    my question, they are jumping to possibly banning pencil sharpeners, WHY isn’t the situation of why the little girl was pushed to use a pencil sharpener blade as a weapon being investigated? WHY, if this was an ongoing issue, was nothing done? was the girl being bullied and the teachers wouldn’t do anything? was the girl threatened being bullied by her, and no one took her cries for help seriously? was it an issue in the girl who used the blade as a weapon, was it her family that gave her the idea? why is all the focus on removing dangerous things, as opposed to the reason WHY things happened as they did?

  • Kimberly Fenton

    If your threatening someone with a pencil sharpener blade you need mental health care and fast. This is the kind of kid that grows up and kills people. If she’s that young and that disturbed I doubt they can fix the problem. They should put her in JV they are use to dealing with violent trash. No normal child should have to worry about being attacked because they have to put up with going to school with trash like this.

    • rockstart42

      See that is really the heart of the problem now banning everything under the sun. What they need to do is identify who needs help with mental issues and see they get the help instead of letting them keep to the status quo because no one wants to pay the bill to see these people get help.

  • Melony Henderson

    The pencil sharpener is not the problem..the problem that needs addressing is ‘why did that child feel the need to us the blade as a weapon against another child? Which one is the victim?’ My children don’t think to break a pencil sharpener to use the blade as a weapon nor do they threaten other children…the problem is not being addressed; ANYTHING can be turned into a weapon.. even bubble wrap!!!

  • Joe Gauldin

    Police say the girl had a razor blade inside a classroom and told administrators the blade came from a handheld pencil sharpener….SHE TOOK IT OUT AND THREATENED THE KID..WHAT PAT OF THAT DON’T SOME OF YOU UNDERSTAND. IF SHE LEFT IT IN; NO HARM/NO FOUL..DUH!!!

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