Hundreds of residents chase Westboro Baptist Church protesters out of Okla. town

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Moore Okla. – Hundreds of residents of Moore, Oklahoma ran protesters from the notorious Westboro Baptist Church out of town on Sunday.

The Westboro protestors were in town to picket Central Junior High, which has been housing Plaza Towers Elementary students since last year’s deadly tornado, according to our sister station KFOR.

Posts on the Westboro website contend that God sent that tornado as retribution against Moore.

Westboro’s permit to picket was for half an hour, but the group only lasted about eight minutes before fleeing as a large group of counter-protestors began to cross the street.

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  • Dick

    What a wonderful story. It would have been great for the people to tar and feather them instead. Oh well.

  • Bill

    My hats off to the residents of Moore for standing up to these supposed church goers, wish more towns had y’all attitude.

  • Elva Stillwell

    I live in Moore if I had known that was happening I would have been there with rotten tomatoes, I walked through the debris to try to find my home and see if my daughter was safe

  • Steve

    Congratulations more people need to stand up to these fake Christians and chase them out of town then maybe they will stop their picketing all together.

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