Social media and cell phone images play large role in child abuse case

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Newport News, Va. - Jamie Cox took her 7-month-old baby boy to the hospital with bruises and injuries to his face, eye, abdomen, and genital area, according to court documents.

Cox told detectives she picked her son up from her boyfriend's house around 2 p.m. that afternoon and the paperwork shows she told police that's when the baby was hurt.

But after investigating, the criminal complaint shows officers uncovered text messages that made it clear that she picked up her son earlier that morning.

They also found pictures she posted photos on Facebook from that day and in those photos, the baby didn't have any visible injuries.

The criminal complaint shows that a doctor told officers the injuries to the baby's abdomen and genital area were caused by blunt force trauma and the baby never could have caused those injuries himself.

And as for the bruises on the baby's face, court papers show a doctor concluded they were caused by some sort of object.

It may not have been the first time something like this happened. The criminal complaint shows officers searched Cox's phone and found photos dated from a month before where her baby boy had similar injuries to his abdomen. Doctors say there's no way the 7-month-old baby could have caused them himself.


  • Tina

    she didnt do it i know for a fact abd its bs for the baby daddy to say that shit. Jamie loves christopher and would never hurt him!!!!!

  • Sarah

    Their not going by what the father said,their going by pics she posted on Facebook. She apparently lied about what time she picked the baby up from the dad’s house. And they found previous pics of the same type of injuries on the baby before this incident. So obviously something is going on.

  • Tina

    the previous pics are and were reported any injuries she found on the baby he was taken to the hospital for or pediatrician so there is no way they couldnt have been reported. and didnt say they were going by what he said.

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