NewsChannel 3 recognizes Beach neighbors who took action during fire

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Virginia Beach, Va. - For Roger Hough, it was a moment worth waiting for.

"These two are my heroes; they saved my life,” says Hough.

Neighbors saved each other after a grease fire on Tuesday. 18-year-old Larquan Shoulders ran to Roger when the fire ignited. That's when Roger took action and grabbed a fire extinguisher.

"I didn't expect him to run in the house and jump right into action, so when he did that, it shows a lot,” says Larquan.

But once inside, Roger was the one who needed help.

"I remember seeing the fire, pulling the pin, shooting the fire and that's it. That's all I remember,” says Roger.

Roger passed out and LarQuan and his daughter Ashleigh watched as he fell. Without hesitating, the two pulled Roger out of the smoke-filled house.

"I know I had to help him because he helped me first, and that's just how it is,” says LarQuan.

Two neighbors taking action for each other; that's something NewsChannel 3 wanted to recognize. NewsChannel 3 presented each one of them with a certificate and a $100 Visa gift card with our sponsors from Southern Bank.

LarQuan already has a plan for the money. "This money is probably going to go to my mom’s kitchen.”