Owner of seized dogs expected animals to be given back

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Terry Shinaberry says he let the Humane Society take his dogs, thinking once they were fixed, they'd be returned to him.

"When they're calling me a hoarder," Shinaberry said. "A hoarder keeps every dog. If I was a hoarder, I would have a litter of dogs and keep them all."

Some of the dogs are ready for adoption at the SPCA in Virginia Beach. Norfolk SPCA has more than a dozen that will be ready to find new homes next week. Shinaberry says he thought the dogs would get fixed, and then be returned home.

"It's just all ludicrous, the whole thing is ludicrous," Shinaberry said.

The dogs were taken from the 58-year-old's Murfreesboro home a week ago. The sheriff says the dogs were neglected.

"I ain't doing nothing different than the rescue groups here, except I do it where I ain't got to kill the dogs," Shinaberry said. "No dog dies here."

Shinaberry says the worst of the dogs were ones he rescued from irresponsible breeders.

"We saw a lot of malnutrition, parasites, eye infections, blindness, deafness," said Rob Blizard, the executive director for the Norfolk SPCA.

Blizard wouldn't get in to the specifics of the health issues of the dogs.

"Some of them were withdrawn," Blizard said. "They weren't very well socialized, you know. Fifty dogs in one property. So now they're getting individual attention."


  • terry Shinaberry

    all that about what was said concerning shinaberry’s dogs was edited out and made to be false yet again he did not say he wanted them fixed he did not say any such thing :that HSUS would fix them and bring them back”. He did not say he wanted them all back either. He did not even think that. They have no right to take the dogs that were his breeding lines. Why dont you show those on TV why dont you tell the truth about what is going on here?

    • terry Shinaberry

      any one that seen those dogs when they left here know that they were not under weight they were not full of parasites they are healthy. My nabobs seen them every day and they will testify to the fact they were well socialized most of them just don’t like to be handled by strange people as they forced them in to cages. Would you like it? see their pics on tricreekaussies dot com. get the real story get the truth out.

      • terry Shinaberry

        the dogs that had issues were being treated Wendy had bacterial otitis she was going to the vet on 3-26 until then ear wash and get the swelling down. Dog female black bi show up here sometime Friday night or early Sat morning 3/21 3/22. drop off i found her in the drive way. She had sarcoptic mange also known as redbugs or red mange. I was treating her for it with Sardex ll and Nu Stock. 3 with kennel cough issolated from the others given 100mg doxyaycline x 12 hrs x 14 days we were on the 5th day of treatment also given robitussin DM. Any litter always given fenbendazole @ 3 weeks 5 weeks and 8 weeks All adult dogs given noromectin 1ml/cc x monthly.

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