Could a new Oceanfront attraction become a perch for peeping toms?

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Virginia Beach, Va. - The flashing lights. The buzz of the crowd. The hum of motors rotating a Ferris wheel's gondolas 200 feet into the air.

All the things that make a proposed Oceanfront attraction exciting for city leaders also make it an annoyance to the neighboring hotel.

Owners at the 10-story Dolphin Inn said no one from the city asked them if they wanted a giant Ferris wheel next door, a wheel that would tower above the building. And in a letter to the city manager they say they don't.

The SkyWheel as it's called "... would be a nuisance to our hotel guests, as would the noise and loss of privacy associated with 'SkyWheel' patrons peering down from their glass-enclosed gondolas ..."

While some see it as an attraction, others see it as a rotating perch for peeping toms, spying into the hotel's top, and most private balconies.

Hotel owners were not available to talk about their objections today. An executive at Gold Key PHR said the letter speaks for itself. And the letter isn't asking to scrap the ShyWheel. The owners just want it built somewhere else.


  • Jenn

    The Dolphin Inn is a last option hotel to stay at anyway. Lol, that place is a dump and locals know it. If a tourist stays there, the issue won’t be about a peeping tom or noise……..the poor tourist will be to busy trying to get a refund on a dump of a room. Someone should trear down The Dolphin Inn and build the SkyWheel right where that roach motel was.

  • John Hadjikakos, President Dolphin Inn UOA

    New leadership was installed on the Board of Directors at The Dolphin Inn Hotel in January. Immediately upon taking office the new Hotel leadership recognized the need to make improvements at the Hotel. Nearly $400,000 in work to the hotel exterior has been fully funded and is underway. A second phase, involving re-design and upgrades for the interiors of all the rooms at The Dolphin Inn Hotel, will roll out next. The Dolphin Inn Hotel is a mainstay of the Virginia Beach oceanfront and has been so for almost 30-years. Our City Leaders have traditionally reserved the area between Atlantic Avenue and the ocean for hotels and public parks. Allowing an out-of-state construction firm to build an extremely large amusement park ride in the area between Atlantic Avenue and the ocean on a parcel of land now used as a public park damages the oceanfront brand that Virginia Beach has worked so hard to build through the years and, since the SkyWheel would be right next door to The Dolphin Inn Hotel, it is a direct and permanent injury to the value of the Hotel. There are only 3 public parks along the boardwalk. The proposed amusement park ride is to be constructed on land now reserved as a public park. If permitted the loss of one of three public spaces would also damage the quality of life for residents and visitors. WTKR got it right when it said that the Hotel is not against the SkyWheel project . . . what the Hotel wants is for the SkyWheel to be built at an appropriate location outside of the area our City has so wisely reserved exclusively for hotels and public parks.

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