Redskins’ owner writes letter standing by name of team

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If anyone was wondering just where Redskins owner Dan Snyder stood on the team’s name change controversy, he penned a recent letter explaining why he is standing by the Redskins current brand.

In the new letter, he says he wanted to hear firsthand what Native Americans thought about the name and the logo.

He says he has taken the last four months to travel to 26 Tribal reservations across the United States to get a better understanding.

“But the fact is, too many Native American communities face much harsher, much more alarming realities.  They have genuine issues they truly are worried about, and our team’s name is not one of them,” Snyder says in the letter.

To read the full letter, click here.


  • Janine LadyofRedskins Vandenberg

    Thank you Dan Snyder, Washington Redskins personnel, Washington Redskins players, Redskins nation family! I as a full blooded Native American from the Tsimshian Nation want to say Thank you and we are so sorry for the half educated people who have chosen to drag the wonderful name Redskins through the dirt! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS forever!!! Thank you for NOT deleting us from history!!!!!

  • The Don

    Snyder is the new Al Davis/ wanna be Jerry Jones, DS has to be the dumbest richest owner beside JJ known to man …the Redskin name is fine it’s part of history Go Native American Indians , but would have let the tribes and card carrying NAI vote on it not the NFL or the fans!

  • Bryan Lagos

    Here in Florida we have the college team named the Seminoles. It is named after the local tribe, which is the only tribe that did not surrender to the US government, and has a proud history. Years ago the school met with representatives of the tribe to create a team logo that would be respectful and acceptable to them. Talks went fine, the new symbol was created and implemented, and everybody was very happy. Years later when a civil rights group attacked the school calming that the logo was insulting to Native Americans, the Seminole tribe was the first group to stand up and defend the college, the symbol, the symbol’s use and the process of its creation. The respect between the tribe and the school went both ways. I find it very sad that something like this can’t be done with this NFL team problem.

    • JC

      A few quotes from a few people in the native american community does not represent the majority. Not anymore than Sharpton and Jackson represent the opinions of the entire African American community. I’m black and I think they are both baffoons.. I was hopefull to see statistically how they felt about the name and also how they were asked…. Also how many were asked and who was asked… Of course there are more important issues they face, but that doesn’t take mean this can’t be addressed as well.. By the way… Seminoles is what they called themselves… That’s why there is nothing wrong with it. Braves and Chiefs… we got that from them. Now if you can find me some Native Americans who originated the word Redskin, I’m cool with it… If you can show me some real numbers of people on these reservations that approve of it, fine… keep the name. That’s not what happened here. I liken this to the drug dealer giving Christmas turkey to the neighborhood they tear down with their product. The effect of course is not even close, but you get the point right??? Bribery….

  • OCsurfer

    The name Yankee is derived from a British slur for one who excessively masturbates. As such an insult describes my fondness for masturbation, I am offended by the name Yankee and demand that Steinbrenner change it IMMEDIATELY!

    Or, i could give a $h!t…one or the other.

  • empresstrudy

    We need to exterminate everyone who’d not PC; in the name of tolerance. Exterminate them all.

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