Update: Pet owners in Virginia Beach will be happy about this

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UPDATE: On Tuesday night, the Virginia Beach City Council passed this measure 10-1 according to Mayor Sessoms. 

As it stands right now, dogs are banned from the boardwalk at the Oceanfront during tourist season. But a vote by city council next week could change that.

Councilmembers John Uhrine and Rosemary Wilson are pushing to change the current ordinance. They want to give folks four hours each morning to bring their four-legged friends on the boardwalk and greenbelt.


Virginia Beach city councilmembers will vote on the proposal on Tuesday, March 25.

If passed, leashed dogs can walk those areas between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. throughout the busy tourist season which runs from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day.

“The overall goal for the city council is to create a year-round resort and a big key to that is creating year-round residents who actually live in the heart of the resort,” City Councilmember John Uhrine says.

And, since many people have pets, Uhrine says they want them to have more access to the boardwalk.

It’s something folks who already live year-round at the Oceanfront say they would really appreciate.

“We kind of hate that everything caters to the tourists all the time and we understand why for a lot of things but it be great to be able to do something for the local residents too,” Michelle Parker says.

“I think that would be a great idea just to have the locals come out, bring their dogs out and in the mornings it’s not that busy anyway,” Matt Blair says.

Fido would still be banned from resort area beaches during tourist season.


  • Clotus Jones

    There’s a certain demographic that will need to bring their pit bull. No one will be satisfied until another kid gets mauled.

  • nick

    The only mauling a pitbull will do is if some crackhead tries to rob me or something when I have my pit there

  • dcy

    Should have evening hours, too! Lots of people walk their pups twice a day!
    And let’s not hate on breeds. I’ve met plenty of small dogs that would rather bite than be petted.

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