UPDATE: 3-year-old dies from injuries, mom’s boyfriend charged with aggravated assault

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UPDATE: NewsChannel 3 has learned that the toddler who was injured passed away on Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. 

The medical examiner is now working to determine the official cause of death and the investigation is now ongoing. 

A 21-year-old man has been arrested by Portsmouth Police after an investigation into the aggravated assault of a three-year-old boy.

Police say they received a 911 call at 11:55 a.m. requesting assistance in the 1600 block of Elm Avenue for a toddler who had fallen and was unresponsive.

Officers and medics arrived and found the 3 and a half year old boy in need of immediate care. He was transported to Sentara Norfolk General and then to Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, where he underwent emergency surgery.

He is currently in critical condition.

Detectives with the Special Victims Unit have arrested 21-year-old Trevon M. Hairston and charged him with aggravated malicious wounding.

Hairston is the boyfriend of the child’s mother. He was watching him at the time of the incident.


  • KMC

    Another sad, but all too often true, story about a sweet innocent child being left in the care of a POS boyfriend and the child ends up in the hospital or dead. I can’t help it, but every time I see a little child alone with a young man, whether I see them walking down the street or in the grocery store, I pray. I pray that child isn’t suffering at the hands of that young man. Some of these guys I see with a child in toe do not look like someone I’d want to be left alone with, much less leave a child with!

  • Diana Vazquez

    I know him he would never hurt a child he loves kids, hell he loved that little boy to death. he would never, I repeat never hurt him. Everyone up here bashing him when they don’t really know him. they go by what people say or what they see on T.V. They’re giving false information because they can’t tell what really happened unless they were there or if he said he did. And he would never abuse a child, ever.

  • KMC

    You may be right about this gentleman… I don’t know him and I wasn’t there. I hope for the toddler, him, and the family it truely was an accident because believe me, none of us would ever want this to be true at all. I hope the little boy is going to be okay

  • Wanita

    1) He admitted it. 2) The child passed away already. 3) He will be charged with manslaughter as well. Sitting in jail is to good for him, he should have his brain smashed just like he did the childs.

  • The Don

    Yes very sad…but if already arrested and the child was under his care what do u think happened? Unless the kid jumped off the roof on purpose head first I could accept it, but that wasn’t the case now was it. If they prove this guy did it he deserves to die a slow painful death because it’s unacceptable to treat a young child or anyone else for that matter in such a way..

  • wth

    Now we all know by now a precious angel has gone to heaven…the reason y will b heard n court…regardless if u know or related to him…we don’t kniw actually what occured ir y…what w do know for sure he was the only adult in the home..he was responsible for the child & his safety
    And it don’t look to good on him…Now we all can speculate on possibilities but what really happened only he and the Lord know.pressure is handled differently by all and as told he has some issues mentally…again I say the mother of this angel shld b looked at also…she is aware of his issues so she shld also share the blame instead of pointing finger at him totally. It’s shld b priorit to the child that the parent will assure their safety…not just someone to watch them because u r laying down with them or a cheap watcherl

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