Westboro founder Fred Phelps dead at 84

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Pastor Fred Phelps (left) and one of his followers (right). (Images: Wikipedia)

Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps Sr., founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday, a daughter of Phelps confirmed Thursday morning to the Topeka Capital-Journal.

The newspaper reported over the weekend that 84-year-old Phelps recently became a patient at the Midland Care Hospice in Topeka.

Phelps’ son, Nate Phelps, posted a statement to his Facebook page that his father was “on the edge of death.”

Westboro Baptist Church is best known for anti-gay protests and picketing soldiers’ funerals. Phelps had been excommunicated from the church in August 2013 for advocating more kindness towards members.


  • Bootman

    That he was aged, ill, and was kicked out probably tells us that the real force behind this cult is Shirley Phelps. God will deal with him now. Otherwise, ignoring his passing and how the cult deals with it is probably the best course to deprive them of publicity.

  • Wilmer Todd

    You have the right idea Peggy but how about flaming gays that the family would find abhorrent. Let them suffer some humiliation.

  • Mitch

    Thanks to WTKR for using the name Westboro in the title of the article concerning this man’s demise. Most don’t know HIS name, but most everyone knows the misery Westboro Baptist Church caused for our military families.

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