Hampton settles with family of man who died in custody

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Hampton, Va. - The city has reached a settlement with the family of a man who died in their custody.

Back in December of 2009, Hampton Police showed up at Hatchel Adams' home to serve him court documents.

They thought it would be a routine assignment until Adams pulled out a samurai sword and wielded it at them.

Police shot Adams with a Taser gun.

Investigators say he pulled the probes out so officers tased him again.

He stopped breathing and died at the hospital.

Today the city of Hampton said it will pay Adams' family $500, 000.

They also said they will continue to improve and enhance training and policy in dealing with mentally ill people and their families.


  • The Don

    Unreal…he pulls a sword on police gets shot with a taser and dies..so the city pays the family! If they shot him with a gun instead would it have made a difference ? If the man escalated it from the start why did the city settle. ..sounds justifiable to me that police did their job correct to some extent.

  • Bronco13

    Absolutely agree with you Don…where else would someone threaten police with a deadly weapon and get rewarded for it (at least his family). He was shot with non-lethal weapons and happened to die. Too bad and tough luck…why should we pay for his stupidity. They could have used their pistols and would have been justified. Hampton has no problem giving our tax money away.

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