Crews put out flames at Majik City Gentlemen’s Club

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Portsmouth, Va. - A fire hits Portsmouth strip club.

Patrons walking in saw dancers running out, screaming "fire!"

Majik City owner Victor Oshin had his business damaged, just weeks ago his brother was shot and killed outside Majik City's Newport News location.

"Life's up and downs," Oshin said. "I think accidents happens and I believe that there's always hope so all we have to do is believe in the Lord and everything will be okay."

Oshin's brother, Issac, was gunned down just out the family's Newsome Park club in mid-February.

Victor Oshin had run the club for more than 20 years.  So in the past month, he's lost his brother and seen a fire damage part of his building.

"We'll get through this," Oshin said. "We can get through this."

Witnesses say they saw fire coming from the walls. Portsmouth crews worked to put it out. The damage was kept mainly to the back. Dancers, who were off, came in to see how bad of shape Majik City was in.

"It's not that bad the way it is right now," Oshin said. "It's a good thing they caught the fire on time because everything seems to be okay."

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  • Honestly....

    Dancers, who were off, came in to see how bad of shape Majik City was in.”
    Clearly someone slept through Grammar 101….I know journalists aren’t required to report the news truthfully or accurately, but shouldn’t they at least know how to construct a simple sentence?

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