Abducted 11-year-old from AMBER Alert found safe; man in custody

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UPDATE: 11-year-old Lucas Guinn was safely found Friday morning. Guinn and his abductor, Jimmy D. Guinn, were located during a traffic stop and the 67-year-old Guinn was taken into custody without incident.

An AMBER Alert has been issued for an 11-year-old boy in Russell County who police say may be in extreme danger.

Police say Lucas Ezra Silas Guinn was last seen at Lebanon Middle School in Lebanon, Va. He is described as an 11-year-old boy who is about 4’8, weighs 84 pounds and has brown eyes and brown hair. He was wearing a red and black shirt and blue jean pants.

They believe he may have been abducted by Jimmy Donald Guinn who is described as a white male who is 67-years-old, stands about 5’11, and weighs 235 pounds. He has blue eyes and partially gray hair.

Police say they may be traveling in a 2004 purple Freightliner tractor with the license plate 78471py. The name on the truck is ‘Snow Bird Trucking’.

Police believe they could be headed northbound towards West Virginia or Ohio.

They say it’s possible the Freightliner may have been abandoned for a large burgundy pick-up diesel truck.

If you’ve seen these two, please call 276-889-8033 or 911 immediately.


  • Ethan Lane

    That man has the same last name… It’s probably his grandfather. I thought he might be some pervert until I saw the last name. But I guess it could still be some pervert. I found contact info on this guy online though.

    I’d call him myself, but I feel if I did, the police, who I’m sure are already watching his phone… would make me a suspicious character…

    Jimmy Donald Guinn
    5589 Lower Cop Creek Rd
    Castlewood, VA 24224

    Contact: Jimmy Guinn
    Title: Principal
    Phone: 276-794-7296

    Jimmy Donald Guinn
    5589 Lower Cop Creek Rd
    Castlewood, VA 24224

    Contact: Jimmy Guinn
    Title: Principal
    Phone: 276-794-7296

    Save to Contacts


    Jimmy Donald Guinn is the only company located at 5589 Lower Cop Creek Rd, Castlewood, VA 24224

    Local trucking, without storage, nsk

    Company Name: Jimmy Donald Guinn
    Trade Name: Snowbird Trucking
    Year Founded: 2010
    Location Type: Single

    Revenue (estimate): $ 120,000
    Employees: (estimate): 2
    Facility Size (sqft): N/A

    Sector: Motor Freight Transportation
    Category: Local trucking, without storage
    Industry: Local trucking, without storage
    SIC Code: 4212

    DONT WANT TO INTERFERE EITHER. If he is family I’m sure the police know everything except his location.

  • audie

    I wish they would state why they believe the boy may be in “extreme danger.” Over sensationalizing the Amber Alert system will simply make people stop paying attention to it. An abduction does not automatically put the abducted in “extreme danger” especially if it is a custodial issue. These two have the same last name and since there is no mention of the reasoning for the “extreme danger” belief, I can only assume it’s over sensationalizing the Amber Alert system, so I refuse to be a part of that. Get somebody else to be your stooge because some childing mommy doesn’t want her ex-husbands parents to visit their grandchildren.

    • Chris Shoeless Wilson

      Just because the man is related doesn’t mean he wouldn’t harm the boy. There are many, many children who have suffered the greatest traumas placed on them because of family members.

      I would trust that they have a reason to say the boy is in “extreme danger.” I’ve never seen that wording on an Amber Alert before so I don’t think they’re trying to “over sensational” anything.

  • Lauren

    Sheriff’s Office V-STOP Investigator Sherry Rhea said Thursday that the child had been staying with Jimmy Guinn’s girlfriend, whose name was not released, while the father was on the road working.

    The mother of the child was “not involved” in the custody of Lucas and lives in another state, the officer said.

    Investigator W.A. Puckett said Thursday night that a warrant for Jimmy Guinn’s arrest on one count of felony child abuse was obtained by the Sheriff’s Office earlier in the day in a hearing held in Russell County General District Court.

    “All I can say at this point is we have a case involving Jimmy Guinn physically abusing his son,” Puckett said.

    Rhea said that the child was to be placed in the custody of the Department of Social Services once he was found as a result of that court hearing.

    It was not known if the child was picked up from school by the girlfriend or if the child rode the school bus to the girlfriend’s home, Rhea said. The location of that home also was not released.

    The officer said the investigation revealed that once the girlfriend got the child she drove him to a drop-off location where the father met them and they left. Authorities did not say what happened to the girlfriend at that point.

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