Public meeting on tidal flooding in Hampton

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Hampton, Va. – Hampton’s plan for providing information about tidal flooding will be the focus of a public meeting on Thursday, March 27 from 6-8 p.m. in Ballroom B/C at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

The Engineering office at Public Works is developing a comprehensive Tidal Flood Plain Study and Protection Plan that will have three main parts:

• A GIS mapping program that will allow residents to map their location, show the spread of tidal waters, and plan evacuation routes.

• A study that includes information on why the sea level is rising, what’s at risk, and what can be done to lessen the impact of tidal flooding.

• A flyer that explains the “why, what and where” of tidal flooding in Hampton.

The meeting March 27 is designed to give residents and members of the city’s Tidal Flooding Subcommittee a chance see what the plan includes and to discuss any possible improvements in the plan or its information.