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Another giant hog killed in North Carolina

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Terrell Harris and the giant boar he killed on Saturday in Wagram, North Carolina. (WGHP)

Terrell Harris and the giant boar he killed on Saturday in Wagram, North Carolina. (WGHP)

WAGRAM, N.C. (WGHP) – Another giant boar has been killed in eastern North Carolina.

Terrell Harris killed the massive wild hog in Scotland County around 2 a.m. Saturday.

Harris and his friends had to use a winch to load the massive boar on a trailer.

“A friend had pictures of it on a game camera for two nights. It had destroyed a 10-acre field of chuffa,” Terrell’s wife Dawn said. “Terrell and some friends butchered and processed the hog on Sunday.”

Dawn said the boar weighs at least 500 pounds.

Last week a man killed a 500-pound boar in Bertie County.

In North Carolina, wild boar may be hunted year round during normal hunting hours. There is no closed season and no bag limit.

Read more about the boar at WGHP.


      • Ed

        No just pointing out that it is a photo trick
        It’s called forced perspective
        Just be honest and stand next to it
        Don’t try and trick peoples eye

        • Hamp

          No trick photography needed here. Terrel is on his knees JUST behind the boar and he is right at 6 feet and 200 pounds. Also, the pictures were not intended to be sent to any news station, but for memories and sharing with good friends. Did you think that some people don’t need to use photo hoodoo to make something appear bigger than it actually is? Terrell and the guy he was with certainly are not the type of hunters that would make false claims, and as the photo clearly shows, surely don’t need to.

  • Convo

    Hogs can be hunted during normal hunting hours….well 2am doesn’t seem to be normal hunting hours.

    • Bill

      You and others spouting this garbage should stop spreading lies. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission legalized night hunting for feral swine and coyotes on private property back on Aug 1, 2012. That includes the use of lights.

  • Bill

    Shooting hours. Game birds and animals may be taken only between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset with rifle, pistol, shotgun, bow and arrow, dogs or by means of falconry with the following exceptions: raccoons, feral swine and opossums may be taken at night. Coyotes may be taken at night except in Dare, Hyde, Tyrrell, Washington and Beaufort counties. Please visit for updates, when available, to the night hunting status for coyotes in these five counties.

  • Sharon Callahan

    I congratulate hunting of these wild pig boars, they do extensive damage, and may even be responsible for a man’s death here in East Tn. Just keep killing them wild beast. But do it with care, of course.

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