How to fight a red-light camera ticket in Norfolk

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Norfolk, Va. - A Norfolk judge says he's throwing out red light camera tickets after NewsChannel 3 uncovered information proving the city shortened yellow light times.

But before ticket holders start celebrating, it's a bit more complicated when it comes to getting the money back.

Since this was a general district case, it's not a court of record, so no precedent was set.

Norfolk does not have to give people their money back, and it's still up to the judge's discretion on whether you win or lose in court based on your specific case.

According to the Norfolk General District Court clerk, since this is a traffic offense, anyone who took their red light camera ticket to court and lost can file a motion to rehear their case.

They have 60 days to do it after their conviction.

Click here for a copy of the paperwork for the motion to rehear.

For those who just paid the ticket, you can contact Norfolk Police PhotoSafe program at 757-823-4441 and ask for your case to be reheard and that you want to contest your ticket in court.

If you have a red light ticket you haven't paid and are considering taking it to court, the short yellow light defense only applies if you were ticketed before February 4th at 6:30 p.m.

That is when the City of Norfolk, in response to our NewsChannel 3 investigation, changed their yellow lights back to the original time.

For information on which yellow lights were lowered, and if you might have a case, click here to get the City of Norfolk's official yellow light times for red light camera intersections.


  • James Walker

    Red light cameras ticket mostly safe drivers with two scams.

    1) Yellow intervals are set shorter than the time/distance needed to stop or cross the stop line while making a right or left turn.

    2) Cameras ticket safe slow rolling right on red turns or stopping just over the stop line, actions that federal research shows virtually never cause crashes.

    Red light cameras need to banned by law in every state, they are always a predatory scam for money, not a safety program. If cameras ticketed only unsafe drivers, the fines would not even come close to paying the cameras costs – and no city would use them.

    James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association

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