Police: Teenage girls forced autistic boy to perform sex acts

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Lauren A. Bush, age 17, of Mechanicsville, MD, was arrested and charged as an adult.

WARNING: Details of this story are disturbing

(CNN) — Two Maryland teenage girls were charged this week with assaulting an autistic boy and recording him on their cell phones performing sex acts, including some with animals, the St. Mary County Sheriff’s Department said Wednesday.

Authorities said the two girls, ages 17 and 15, admitted to police that they assaulted the boy with a knife on “multiple occasions.”

“His parents refer to him as (having) been diagnosed autistic,” said Sgt. Cara Grumbles, a spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office. “Some of the sexual acts involved animals. It’s awful.”

A news release from the department said the girls also kicked the boy in the groin and dragged him by his hair. They also got him to walk onto a partially frozen pond. When the boy fell through several times, they made him get out each time by himself, police said.

Detectives found videos on the girls’ cell phones.

Prosecutors charged the 17-year-old, Lauren A. Bush, as an adult. The 15-year-old was charged as a juvenile. Police didn’t release her name.

Each was charged with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, child pornography and false imprisonment.


  • Kylene Doran

    They both needed to be charged as an adult.. the 15 yr old obviously knew what she was doing because she went along with the actions and didn’t stop them from happening.. adult choices require adult consequences, period. Age has nothing to do with being psychotic.

    • Chelley Phelps

      I totally Agree…I have an autistic son who is not Verbal I can only imagine how indimidating this was for the child…I think they totally got what they deserve other than the 15 year old basically just a slap on the wrist when you are charged as a juvenile. I do not understand why people in this world are so cruel and ruthless especially to a disabled person who can’t really defend themselves.

    • Judy

      Hi Kylene, I share your disgust at these acts, they are horrendous, and I am really glad they have been brought to justice. I hope the young man gets the right support to recover from the trauma too, however, what these girls did was evil and sadistic, no evidence of psychosis. In fact people with psychosis are more likely to be victims of assaults as the lad with aspergers was, not perpetrators.

    • Cheryl

      Wow, thus stuff makes me sick. I, too, have a non-verbal son with autistic tendencies and another disability. I agree with another poster that I’m not sure I could control myself if anyone ever did this type of thing to him. My son is probably the sweetest person I know; very loving and awesome. I just don’t get how he was allowed to be by himself as much as he must have been for them to abuse multiple times. I always know the whereabouts of my son and know the people he’s with.

  • deanna

    How in the world can 2 young females be so evil? Their parents must be horrified, or maybe these girls were abused as children. Either way they deserve a lifetime in jail for raping a autistic minor and for many other sick perverted acts. I hope they both get no mercy!

  • Edwin Donald Anderson

    They’ll probably get “community service” from some weak spined liberal judge because ‘they’re just girls’. If they were MALES…..20 YEARS MINIMUM. Go ahead, tell me if I’m not telling the truth.

    • Honestly....

      Well, I’m not going to say you’re wrong….not entirely. But unfortunately, sexual predators of both genders (though once again I agree that females are disproportionately served) often end up walking the streets again far too soon after committing their crimes because they are thought to be rehabilitated, only to repeat their criminal activity again and again until they get caught-even being male is no guarantee of jail for twenty years. I hope they throw the book at these two, girls or not.

  • Kytkah

    Aa a mother of a child, non verbal living with autism, I started not read this article. But then I realized it was my job to protect him, which means I need to know what evil there is out there and how to protect him from predators such as these. Evil has many faces. Is hard enough for these children to have to learn to deal with a world such as this. Best punishment is to do those same acts to BOTH abusers. They KNEW what they were doing.

  • Prestonk

    Its very disturbing to hear a story such as this. I do not know the full story and would like to know what the truth is before i pass judgement. I personally believe that if either of them was acting due to influence of the other a lesser sentence is not the answer. This is not a case in which they were shoplifting or even minor bullying. They both knew what they were doing so to not stop it and feed into the others sickness is just as wrong. I feel bad for this child who had to go through such a terrible event and may not be able to express it in therapy. I hope he can make significant progress in recovery. Also why was he not watched closer? For this to happen time and space were needed. I know that a child cannot be watched 24/7 but this is something that could have been prevented had people payed attention.

  • Jim Young

    I’m a 58 year old male with Asperges Syndrome. From the age of 9 to 13 I was molested by 3 aunts. Woman are just as guilty of Sexual assault As men. Its just men do not talk about it.

  • Steve Marshall.

    I think these young ladies,need to be punished,punished as badly as men would be if the situation,was reversed.

  • Kimberly

    Does anyone else feel like making him walk on a partially iced pond is better defined as attempted murder? This prosecutor missed the mark on that one!!!! The dissent of our youth is at a pinnacle and may be too far gone for redemption. How very horrible!!!

  • Patience Marie Moss

    What the hell is wrong with people today? I just don’t understand the cruelty that someone people can inflict on others, or the fact that they enjoy it. Both of these young women need to be charged as adults, they knew what they were doing and it just didn’t happen once, it happened numerous times. Hurting someone that is weaker and defenseless and that doesn’t have the capacity to understand what you are doing to them is more than wrong, it is evil. Looking into this young woman’s face I get chills, she looks like she has no feelings or empathy at all…who knows if uncaught she could have killed this young man. These young women planned this, executed it and filmed it so they could relive it over and over again…psychotic sociopaths if you ask me. Throw the book at them both and label them serial sexual sadists on the sexual offender list for life. If the 15 year old isn’t charged as an adult, I feel that at age 21 she be turned over to an adult facility to serve out a longer sentence.

  • Virginia

    OI have an artistic son.if they did this to my child they would not be able to walk. They would be in the hospital. You don’t do that to any child and an artistic child at that. They lucky it wasn’t my boy. They both get what they deserve. I have no piddy for that kind if mess.

  • Pamela

    Both girls should be tried as adults. They were old enough to know what they were doing. They both should be put in prison for Life. Sick, sick girls!!!! If they ever get out, they will just do something sick like this again, to another innocent human being (whether they are autistic or not).

    • s

      Totally agree,but I know the women in the prison where they will be going will be waiting for their ARRIVAL!They will see it again,thats the sad thing they don’t know.

  • Sam

    Articles warns readers of “disturbing details” yet these “details” are no worse than what males do to people everyday. It is no more disturbing when females do it.

  • Sherry

    I too have a child with autism and was horrified to read this article. I cannot believe people could be so cruel. They both deserve to be tried as adults.

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