South Rosemont Road between Silina Drive and Club House Road in Virginia Beach temporarily closed due to high water

Fire damages heavy timber warehouse in Portsmouth

Portsmouth, Va. – A heavy timber warehouse was damaged on Tuesday night after a fire broke out inside of the building in Portsmouth.

This happened in the 800 block of Douglas Avenue. Calls were made about this fire at around 9:45 p.m.

The fire started near the end of the two-block long building and the company’s sprinkler system was activated.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and contained the fire to one end. The property owners told them that there was a flea market in that part of the building. There was smoke inside and some heat and minor damage to the building.

No one was injured.

No cause has been determined yet. The fire marshal is still investigating.

We’ll continue to post more updates as they come in.

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