Slain officer’s text messages will be evidence at murder trial

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Potentially suggestive text messages from the mobile phone of slain off-duty Norfolk officer Victor Decker will be allowed as evidence, according to an agreement presented to a judge Tuesday.

The stipulation came in what was likely the final pre-trial hearing for Kareem H. Turner, one of two men accused of robbing and killing Decker outside an Oceana go-go bar in 2010.

Turner's trial is scheduled to start Monday. Defense attorneys will also be able to use recorded jail phone calls among the several inmates who are cooperating with prosecutors. Those inmates have testified they either saw part of the crime, or heard one of the defendants confess in jail. Most have said they're trading their testimony for possible breaks on sentences. Defense attorneys believe the inmates are lying to help themselves, and that's why they were interested in the phone records.

Lawyers for co-defendant Raymond Lewis Perry have already said in court the officer was repeatedly unfaithful to his wife, and cheated on her the day he was murdered.

Defense attorneys believe his personal life - perhaps documented in phone records -- is a more likely motive for murder.

Police and prosecutors say Turner and Perry robbed Decker and shot him once in the head. After the murder case was idle two years, police announced the charges against Perry first, and later, against Turner. In all evidentiary hearings so far, prosecutors have relied solely on the jailhouse snitches. Defense attorneys say police have no murder weapon, DNA, fingerprints or eyewitnesses to the shooting.


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  • Theresa Smith

    no matter what his text messages say or imply, no one had a right to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger. I am so tired of bleeding heart, idiot lawyers trying to get their thug clients off using whatever unscrupulous tactics they can find. Move this cold blooded murderer in next door to the lawyer and let him have him as a neighbor.

    • Jack

      Lawyers aren’t “bleeding hearts”. Bleeding hearts are people who care about people. Lawyers only care about winning and money.

  • Vincent

    This is just another tactic to get this well documented piece of trash out of something that he confessed to doing. “Oh I told the wrong person that I did it and now I don’t want to pay for it.” This lawyer should be ashemed for defaming a person who is not here to defend himself. Stop defending trash with trash acusations.

  • Nascent

    It is absolutely absurd that these men were arrested based on hearsay of jail house snitches that are going to be rewarded with freedom for what could possibly be all a lie! NO REAL EVIDENCE! Just the testimony of criminals… Sounds like a good case of scapegoating to me!

  • Nascent

    And if the deceased was having an affair that IS RELEVANT! It’s called reasonable doubt… The lawyer is doing exactly what he should be doing! WHAT HAPPENED TO INNOCENT UNTIL FOUND GUILTY… You all are just ready to say these men are guilty, even though there is NO evidence. Sad, just Sad!

  • Vincent

    Neither one are going to be rewarded with freedom as they have already been locked up on federal sentences that are in place for life. And if you don’t know they don’t commute Federal sentences. Both defendants have a long sordid history of doing considerable harm to our society. If they were not involved why then take the credit for the crime. What is going on now is a healthy dose of backtracking. If it was all circumstantial evidence then it wouldn’t have passed a Grand Jury.

  • Herman

    What is most important is justice. The need to prosecute cannot be overshadowed by just getting a conviction, but, get a/those demented killers off of our streets. However, let us hope we get all the facts. An affair is not a death sentence, but as we know the system on both sides, evidence will be presented if only to sway jurors. In addition, research , the same charges were heralded to two other men. As a parent, I would like to see a fair trial. Even if it was my child I would love them but if quilty of such a henious crime as I was raised (“don’t do the crime, if you cannot do the time.”If these men are guilty so be it, but let’s not have pie on our faces again, relating to the video of a much beloved barber in Norfolk when detectives paraded their “man” to find that this was an innocent person, but edured comments such as “he looks guilty,give him the death penalty, thug. This was the case of a young Afican-American man understanding the criminal justice system to fight back, because under such intense interrogation most even “you could” succomb to these tactics.Lastly, let us not be victims of media overreach or sensationalism but justice pertaining to this sensless crime.

    • Vincent

      I agree whole-heartedly with these sentiments. But as the defense attorney has already shown, they will use any tactic to try and defame Officer Decker in any way possible as to get their clients out of the trouble THEY THEMSELVES put them in. I do not feel pity for them or their stupidity. As I have previously stated they are already convicted criminals on several other incidents, violence included. They are not to be rehabilitated, they’re not going to turn over new leaves. They are already going to rot in prison for their crimes already convicted for. Race has nothing to do with it. Not being raised properly by your parents and not getting an education, and working for something rather than being a blight on society has something to do with it. Their looks mean nothing, only their actions.

      • Ohh So Focused

        Seems to me the victim wasn’t much of a upstanding Individual. And the victims credibility is questionable. Being guilty of one crime does not make you guilty in another. He defaed his own self with his actions. It is possible someone else killed him. Or does it not matter, even if the person paying the price is innocent, because society says they are guilty. Wow..

        • Vincent

          I never said they were guilty of this Crime, however when you take credit for a crime, and then backtrack when you see the pending murder charge; it looks bad. He claimed that he did the crime and had knowledge of how it was comitted based on the testimony of the other people involved in the case. Sorry but that doesn’t sound so innocent to me.

      • Herman

        You missed the point. prior incidents of officer Decker or the defendants history is irrelevant. Only that the true perpetrators be caught for this murder.

  • Blessed one

    This is for mr/mrs Vincent who made u judge n juror u don’t know how these gentlemen were raised and by whom I bet there are a lot of skeletons in your closet that you don’t want no one to know about and as far as this Decker what makes him a saint and who holds a fund raiser at a STRIP JOINT in the first place no evidence so my thing is IF THE GLOVE DON’T FIT

  • Blessed one

    This also goes out to Vincent How would u feel if you knew a innocent person was put to death oh it wouldn’t matter to you because it’s just another piece of low life black scum only to find out it was a high class we’ll know white man

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