Road rage incident in York County sends teen to hospital

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York County, Va. - A drive down Route 60 and Bypass Road Saturday afternoon in Williamsburg turned into a violent case of road rage that sent a teen to the hospital.

According to the York Poquoson Sheriff's Office, it started with the suspect tailgating the victim's car.

“The victim did a little bit of brake checking, which we don't recommend, you know putting on your brakes and trying to get him off his tail,” says Lt. Dennis Ivey with the York-Poquoson’s Sheriff’s Office.

He didn't back off and the situation escalated.

After driving for a few miles, both pulled into a parking lot at the James York Plaza on Merrimac Trail.

They got out of their cars and that's when the suspect assaulted the other driver.

A 19-year-old went to the hospital.

Though deputies say his injuries were not severe, they could have been.

“Road rage incidents have become very dangerous. People carry weapons sometimes,” says Ivey.

That's why the sheriff's office is hoping others learn from what happened and call for help instead of confronting someone.

“We never like to blame the victims, but don't make yourself an easy victim,” says Ivey.

The sheriff's office is still working to find the suspect in this case.

If you know anything about what happened or who the suspect might be, call the CrimeLine at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


  • Johann

    I’d really like to reply to this message. I remember a few incidents where I’ve had people cut me off, follow me, give me the finger, tailgating me and even point a gun at me while driving down the road. All of these incidents were not the result of any bad behaviour on my part. However, whenever I encountered an incident such as the gun and tailgating bit of it I would contact state police to let them know what was going on and not ONCE did anyone come out or track that person down!! Police are NEVER around when you need them which is very upsetting to me because of incidents like this resulting with someone getting injured. If you want to help avoid things like this, then send more police out or at the very least send out a state police officer to investigate an issue when called upon rather than ignoring the call and going about their business.

  • Jack

    Calm down people. Who cares if someone is tailgating you. If that person wants to go faster and I’m keeping up with the traffic in front of me the idiot can go around. Going to jail over a traffic violation is so completely stupid.

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