Girl receives over 200 stitches in her head after vicious pit bull attack in Newport News

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Newport News, Va. - Six-year-old Yonni DuBose is recovering in the hospital after being mauled by a pit bull Sunday afternoon near her Denbigh home.

"There she was laying, covered in blood, and it just was horrible," said the girl's grandmother, Nancy DuBose. "First thing I did was scream."

Yonni has the dressing on her head changed three times a day because much of the skin there was ripped off. DuBose says the doctor told her he lost count at 200 on how many stitches were in the little girl's head.

"I was just blessed that her skull was not cracked or injured so that was a blessing right there," DuBose said.

Girl home from hospital after pit bull attack

Yonni was playing with friends when the pit bull got out of a neighboring home and lunged at her.

"She's not back because she's in pain and of course she has to do therapy," DuBose said.

DuBose says she's on crutches because the dog's teeth punctured her ankle.
The first grader is already worried about going back to school.

"All the kids are gonna tease me?" DuBose says. "I said, 'No, they won't tease you once they realize you were hurt by a dog you'll be okay. I said you can wear hats at school until your hair grows back."

Yonni has school days in her future because of Bryan Wilson. The teen took action by pinning the dog down to prevent it from further hurting Yonni.

"It was bad. Her scalp was ripped open and her ankle was broken. Yeah, it was pretty bad," said Wilson, who lives a couple of doors down from where the attack happened.

Wilson's stepdad, Jason Pinkens, was the one who pulled the dog off her as other neighbors tried to comfort her before an ambulance arrived.

"We all helped each other. There's more than one hero here; they're just not here with me right now," Pinkens said.

Newport News Animal Control says charges are pending the investigation.

There is no word on whether the dog will be put down, though it is currently under Animal Control's care.


  • Jay

    Well adios to the dog he’s as good as dead no matter how you look at it and the owners will probably face a HUGE charge

    • FreedomToVoiceMyOpinion

      Idiots should be outlawed…..we see where that goes. ANY BREED can attack and cause serious harm…..even your sweet poodle!!

    • John S

      You obviously missed the news in Arizona. Same type of injury and the owners requested the dog be put to sleep. Now a bunch of idiots including a law firm that specializes in the defense of dogs that attack humans is here and put a stop to the euthenization AND forced a trial with a judge to determine the dog’s fate.

    • Honestly....

      Well, don’t you think there should be consequences of some sort? You sound as if you think nothing should happen to these very careless people whose negligence caused the whole thing. Any dog has the potential to bite someone, and dog owners need to be conscientious enough to keep their animals under control at all times. They also need to know just how much control is required, i.e. whether the dog will stay in a fenced yard, or should it be crated inside. The dog “got out” of the house, according to the article, and that certainly wasn’t the fault of this poor little girl. I think they willl be lucky if a “HUGE charge” is all they get socked with. How would you feel with 200 stitches in your head?

    • Dayna

      As it should be. Every time a dog gets loose and mauls someone, the dog should be put down immediately and the irresponsible owner fined.

  • sosfdavido

    I work for animal control in San Jose and first off, this is MY opinion I’m writing on MY time. I am not representing SJAC. I’m only mentioning this because I want you to know I am not an average joe on the street.

    First off, Clotus, what you said was racist and horrible. Thugs with pit bulls control them WAY better than 45 year old “Fur baby” mommies who think their 70 lb pit bull can do no wrong. Thugs KNOW these dogs are deadly; it’s why they got them.

    “Look at my cute pibble.” types fool themselves into thinking love can change these dog’s instinctual prey drive.

    In a case like this, it’s better to put the dog down right away, before the Lexus Project or anyone else gets involved. We love animals at my job– there isn’t ONE of us that doesn’t go home after having cried over a dog that got PTS because time ran out.

    That said, seeing what I’ve seen in my 7 years at work, I have to address the fact that pits get euthanized more than any other breed There are several reasons for this.

    1. Overbreeding, but it isn’t as big of an issue as unadoptability. I can NOT in clear conscience recommend a pit bull to anyone with kids under the age of ten. I even ask (as do my co-workers) if they have nieces or nephews or grandchildren that visit.
    I have to go home at night. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry about how some adoptions turned out because not all turned out well. I will NOT address this, as they veers into my work too much.

    2. Lack of demand. Not many people actually want pit bulls. Is is because they think they’re dangerous? Pit bulls are in our shelters longer than other dogs. That leads to depression, anxiety and aggression, something already a problem with the breed.

    3. The rate of returns on pit bulls tells me all I need to know about the breed. I’ve seen the most well intentioned “lion tamers” specifically seek out problem dogs, do a couple of Facebook updates and then return the dog a week later because it was too much. RARELY do they discuss returning the dog because it hurts their “dog whisperer” status.

    My coworker likens it to a lifeboat. Do we put work and energy into rescuing one problem pit bull that is going to take a slot at the shelter for 6 months or do we save six non-pit bulls instead? Aggressive dogs are ALWAYS at the top of our PTS list, just after sickly ones. 9 times out of ten, after evaluation, that dog is a pit bull.

    I have personally put more pit bulls to sleep than I ever want to count. It’s always peaceful and dignified after the first shot (sedative) kicks in. I’m getting sick of it. People PLEASE spay and neuter your dogs no matter what breed! And please volunteer at your local animal shelter. We can’t run without donations and volunteers.

    -D. Ogden

    • DonaldO

      Of all the conversations and comment I’ve seen related to breed-specific issues, this comment is by far the best. It is well-considered, intelligent, and from someone extremely close to the source. Thank you for taking the time to communicate the situation from what I consider to be the “trenches” of this issue.

    • Ellen Honeycutt

      Thank you, sosfdavido, for your statement based on real education and experience. I’m at a total loss as to why people insist on “saving” this breed when there are so many animals in the shelter that will be put down, animals that would have given just as much or more. Oh, wait, I’m at no loss here. It’s sheer vanity. Any breed can be a source of pride folk, if you took 3 rescue pits, then pitbull is your bread of choice. Is there a better reason for choosing one than “look how good I did with a bad reputation and jaws meant for pit fighting creatures including bulls? (Nanny dog? really?)

    • Honestly....

      You said it all-right on! As far as Clotus in concerned….I guess somebody’s mommy doesn’t know her little pumpkin is surfing around on her computer trying to bother people instead of doing his homework.

    • darlat23

      Mr D.O
      Thanks so very much for sharing this very interesting information. I do hope a lot other animal lovers see this post. As for myself I don’t like animals personally and believe what happened to this poor child demands that not only the dog gets put down but the stupid owners. Now this is another child suffering at the dumbfoundness of the owner. People should have a licence to have animals!

    • Lisa C

      I’m curious, Mr. Ogden…who employs you and…..are you who you say you are? I think NOT. Are you a member of the ACOA? Or are just another imposter from DBO? When are sick twisted people going to stop impersonating people??? SICK…GET SOME HELP

      • Dayna

        You’re the hyperventilating nutter that needs help. What’s wrong, your therapy pit not doing its job?!

    • csunbean

      Very great post.. Sadly most animal control people are ostrasized for admitting pitbulls are different and spay and neutering is needed. There are several new nonprofits focused on the problems of pitbulls and dangerous dogs. Share the links, visit there pages, get involved. It takes a village to raise a child and a village to pass sane laws. All of these organizations started by victims of pitbulls or their parents..

    • Mindy Winslow

      I disagree with the majority of what you said. Pit bulls rate higher than most breeds for temperament. That said, I have a pit bull that was taken to the shelter as a puppy, he was there for 6 months before my son and I found him and adopted him. He immediately became a member of the family. I had 1 old cat at the time, he tried playing with him, the cat let him know he wasn’t interested in being friends and he left him alone. Since then we have rescued 3 more cats as babies, the cats rule our house. One of our cats rubs on him and cuddles with him all the time. If you ring my door bell you will be scared, if you hurt us, you will be sorry., otherwise, he will only lick you to death. He even gets down low and acts extra gentle around little kids. Our dog has never been shown anything but love and kindness and that is how he is with everyone else. Our small neighbor dog even attacked him 4 times before he finally turned on him and said enough. He didn’t hurt him, but he let him know he wasn’t putting up with it anymore. The little dog stays clear of him now, thank goodness, I was over that little rude dog attacking my dog every time I would take him out for a walk.

      The story channel 3 did ticked me off because they didn’t mention the owner of the dog and why the dog was out without the owner. Why had the dog been allowed to bite children before and nothing done about it and again the dog was out without the owner and not on a leash. The owner is clearly not responsible, where’s that part of the story. Channel 3 did a poor job of reporting this story, report the whole story. I think I will switch to channel 10 news.

      • Kathy Farmer Starr

        This dog has previously bitten two other people before it attacked Yoni. The dog’s owner and Newport News Animal Control (NNAC) where aware of the previous attacks and that the dog has never been vaccinated. Any dog owner is responsible for their dog’s behavior and vaccinations. NNAC failed to follow-up and ensure the dog had its shots. Now the child will have to go through the pain of getting rabies shots so that she doesn’t contract rabies, which is always fatal.
        Bottom Line: the dog’s owner is responsible for the care and control of their dog at all times. Breed makes no difference. NNAC has the dog now and they have a responsibility to the public to make sure this dog is humanely euthanized after the quarantine period.

    • Responsible Pit bull owner

      Pure ignorance people….pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other type of dogs. It all has to do with how they are trained and if the owner is responsible. Lots of dog owners honestly shouldn’t own dogs. Most people that own pit bulls – are not thugs. These dogs used to be used to BABYSIT children in the 30s and 40s- they were known as the nanny dogs because they are great with children. It is all in how you raise a dog- but they all have teeth and have an instinct to go after prey. Please educate yourself without making an assumption based on sterotypes.

  • Vicky

    Pit Bulls aren’t bad dogs. It’s how you train them. I love pits they are like family. I pray that the little girl heals. How did the dog get out and why did the fog attack that child?

  • Heather oliphant

    I don’t know why peoples put bull ignorance still shocks and upsets me. There is not a specific race that owns a pit bull. It does not matter what kind of car they have, the rims or if they have a job or not. I have 3 pits; 2 are rescues and my neighbor has 2 pits and a chow mix. They all are super sweet. Dogs are dogs and some things can set them off and you have to know your dog. Previous neighbors renting the house next door left their pits outside and never brought them in, barely played with them before they were a year old they got out and were out to sleep because they were so aggressive. I was scared to go outside even though my dogs were a lot bigger than them. It really is how you raise them and treat them. Our dogs get too much love and attention and it shows. They are too nice to strangers. For the people that just want to put pits down why don’t you go to a shelter and have them bring a few out and see how quick they plop down in your lap and nudge you to pet them! My moms toy poodle is 10 times more dog aggressive than my 3 pits. Please educate yourself before showing ignorance on the internet.

    • Clotus Jones

      Pit bulls mauled over 100 people last year, not to mention the other dogs they killed who were being walked on a leash by their owner. Every person I’ve known who owned a pit bull tended to ignorant and in denial.

    • BKMart

      Retievers retrieve because that is the instinct that we bred into them. Herding breeds herd because that is the instinct we bred into them. Hunting dogs hunt, tracking dogs track, rescue dogs rescue, comfort dogs comfort, etc etc and on and on because that is the instinct that we bred into them! Pit bull breeds are aggressive and attack violently BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT THEY WERE BRED TO DO, that is THEIR instinct! There is no one to blame for the pit bull breeds behavior other than humans, God didn’t make dogs, we did. What the pit bull was bred to do is now illegal in most of the civilized world, time for the breed to be allowed to go extinct…

    • EmCee

      Why is your mom’s toy poodle mean? She didn’t raise it right? Why didn’t you help to raise that dog or have it removed from the home since it’s so vicious.

    • Freedom Ward

      Right, because your anecdotal evidence overrules her carreer experience, must have some ostrich in the family.

    • Dayna

      And I don’t know why, if pits are as nice as you say they are, I keep reading story after story like this. Are all these news stories lies? I think not.

  • T. Nimmo

    I’m so sorry what happened to this little girl, but race should not be an issue here, pitbulls are owned by all races. Thugs are all races as well, it’s all in how you raise any dog. All dogs have teeth so they bite.

    • John S

      I am pretty sure that the fool was saying if you say something bad about pit bulls then you must be a racist. Apparently pit bulls are actually a subset of the human species entitled to civil rights and the like LOL.

      • Honestly....

        You are the first man I’ve ever seen who actually types “LOL.” Hopefully you don’t say it?

  • nick

    Poodles are actually higher up on frequent bites than pitbulls. Pitbulls are stronger than most dogs thats why they get a bad rep. Owners need to train their dogs right and make sure things like this dont happen to an innocent person.

  • nick

    And when I adopted my pit from VBSPCA that was his second shelter and his last stop. He was filled with anxiety, no energy, and under 40 pounds. Now he plays, barks, interacts with other dogs and strangers. He also weighs about 60 pounds now of solid muscle. He even tries to cuddle with my 9 year old pug. I am white and live in the oppisite of section 8.

    • Dayna

      Awww, that’s so great for you. This is a story about a little girl who was viciously attacked by a pit bull. I read a story like this one almost every day. No one cares what you think of your own personal fighting breed of dog. We are sick to death of the maulings and the idiots like you that defend and rationalize them.

    • Clotus Jones

      Any dog? Seriously? I doubt a shiatsu would cause 200 stitches worth of damage. Why must the great unwashed insist on owning pit bulls?

      • Honestly....

        A “Shiatsu” is a type of massage, sweetheart. I think you mean “Shih Tzu”. Let’s hope you can at least pronounce it correctly.

    • vancarnage

      What an ignorant statement. Most dogs can’t physically do this because their jaws are not strong enough and most of the rest that are physically capable of doing this are temperamentally unable to do this. Only a couple kinds of dogs regularly scalp people – pit bulls and rottweilers. Only one kind of dog dismembers adults. 3 women last year lost a total of 5 hands – most lost their arms with their hands, to pit bulls. No other kind of dog does that. The only kind of dog you have to physically restrain from going back to its victim repeatedly after being beaten off are pit bulls. For most dogs, the mere presence of an assertive adult is enough to protect a child or pet from a tenacious mauling – not with pit bulls. We’re all fair game to them. It is a whole new ballgame with pit bulls.

      • Amanda

        Oh my goodness. Ignorance? All I see in this comment is ignorance.

        “most of the rest that are physically capable of doing this are temperamentally unable to do this.”

        WHAT?!? Please, point me to the science that proves that dogs other than Pit Bull type dogs are not “temperamentally able” to attack a human. What a ridiculous thing to say!

        “The only kind of dog you have to physically restrain from going back to its victim repeatedly after being beaten off are pit bulls.”

        Again…where is this coming from? I, and several other adults had to physically restrain a Chocolate Labrador that had a woman’s arm in his mouth, repeatedly going toward her and grabbing it again.

        Please, before you spout off *facts*, make sure they are, indeed, facts.

        • Dayna

          It’s called DNA, genetics, you know, certain traits that were selected for by dog breeders? In the case of the fighting breeds, what the dog in this story did and was capable of.

    • s

      I agree.I use to own a red nose pit,that look like RACHEAL RAYS pit,and two blue nose pits.They were so friend to everyone,I was afraid that they would not even protect me.I always thought they we aggressive dogs,but the three I owned were not.Not saying there’s not other pits that aren’t aggressive.I believe any dog will bite.My sister has a miniature Schnauzer and when shes with my sister,if you try to bother her,she will bite.We can only by what the news says about this incident.I don’t care what ethnic group the kid come from,I’m sorry it happened to the kid.I pray she heals physically,mentally and emotionally.Counseling would also help her as well.As for the owner,I pray he gets fair justice.Accidents do happen!

      • E. A

        Accidents do happen! However, you must be more responsible when your pit has attacked more than once! I live in this neighborhood and this text gets out and these people don’t even know! To me this incident wasnt an accident it was 100 % negligence!! No excuses!

  • E. A

    Being a witness to this whole ordeal, I first must say race plays no part! This little girl was just being a normal six or seven years old playing outside! This dog got out the house like always and for the second time attacked! It’s in these dogs natures that who they are! I don’t care how great you raise them ;there all sweet until they attack! This one this was one of the sweetest pits you could ever meet your life! I would never own one! I think that any parent that loves their kids shouldn’t either! This was a clear case of negligence on the owners!

    • Lisa C

      It’s horrible what happened to this little girl and I hope the owners are held accountable…. As far as the rabid anti-pit bull people,…this is gravy to you…you love when this happens so you can dance around another carcas or victim…You try to act compassionate…but any of us who know your history, know that you will only show compassion to victims who will join your little cult…for if they don’t, you behave aggressively towards them….you’re nothing more than scavengers.

      • Dayna

        No you sick nutter, it’s not gravy to anyone, it’s absolutely horrifying to witness an attack like this by “mans best friend”. Even the first responders find it hard to deal with victims of pit maulings.

  • Angela

    First I want to send prayers to that little girlnd her family. Second I ha e a pit! He is actually a service dog for my special needs son. We got our pit when he was only 9weeks old. Best dog by far that I have owned. He’s not our family dog he is a family member. It infuriates methat people think so bad of the breed. Pits actually are one of the best trained family dogs that you could have.

    • John S

      Ever seen a ‘seeing eye pit bull’? A ‘hearing ear’ pit bull? The only pit bulls I have ever seen as ‘service dogs’ are emotional support dogs and they aren’t covered under ADA so can’t attend their assigned duties in many places of business. As a 20-year veteran of the PD I can honestly say that of all the dog attacks I have ever witnessed pit bulls are quite simply as bad as giving a loaded 12-guage shotgun to a 6-year old kid and saying “go have fun”. I won’t say ALL pits are bad, but only a fool consistently blames the owner when it is obvious that many good and loving pit bull owners become the next victim of their own pit bulls attack. The pit bull advocate who invented the term “nanny dog” was killed by her own pit bull! I think that says it all.

  • Nancy

    The thing is I have seen all kinds of dogs be aggressive and all kinds be sweet. I have had a neighbor with a pit that was the sweetest in the world. I was cautious at first maybe more than another breed because she was a rescue and to be honest, yes, when a pit is a rescue you have to make sure you know its temperment. They are powerful dogs. Just as many others. German Shephards can do plenty of damage, but I have a friend with a GS that is sweet as can be. It is the dog, not the breed. This dog unfortunatley in my opinion needs to go. The owners must hold some kind of lible since it was not properly restrained and has shown agression before if I read correctly. But judging a dog by its breed is rediculous! This poor little girl. I pray for her and her family. And I pray for justice for her also so this doesn’t have to happen again, or God forbid, worse next time.

  • Ashley

    First off to the ignorance on this post is mind boggling ..Get your facts together.. Not all pit bulls are bad.. Just like every white person isn’t a crackhead or every blk person smokes weed.. Its stereotype !! I have 3 put bulls .. They are the most loyal, loving, friendly and protective dogs you will ever meet.. My dogs love people.. I’m not saying there innocent but give the breed a break!! Until you’ve owned one(pit bull).. You can’t possible put your 2 cents in.

    • Lisa C

      Ashley, the peope posting ignorance on this forum are all part of a anti pit bull cult…see the website posted to my name. They make it their business to attack and harass responsible pit bull owners and victim’s families who do not agree with their agenda….

      • MW

        When I was a child I was attacked by a beagle, I was walking down my street, stood perfectly still when he started barking at me and he ran at me and took a chunk out of my leg. A couple years later, I was walking up a drive way to babysit for my neighbor and their German shepherd attacked me, their dog knew me. I lived across the street, babysat for them many times. Any dog can attack a person completely unprovoked apparently. In both cases I was fortunate there was an adult close by that pulled the dogs off me. Another time, a German Shepherd killed my cat. I would never own a German shepherd, I do own a pit bull. He’s the sweetest dog on the planet and the smartest and easiest dog to train. Their “instinct” as several of you misinformed non-pit bull owners like to say is to love and please their owner. Which is why they are so easy to train to fight, they want to please their owner. The best, sweetest pits are the ones like mine who live like a member of the family, he sleeps with me, follows me around the house and lays with his head in my lap every time I sit down. When I’m standing cooking, he lays in the kitchen by my feet. They just want to be loved. If they are, that is all they will put out. Educate yourselves people please. This attack was totally on the owner, he ruined that pit bull. I’m not saying that pit shouldn’t have been put down, he absolutely should, when this happens, it’s the only thing to do, but now let’s look at the owner and make him pay. That poor girl went through a horrible ordeal because of an irresponsible dog owner. That dog shouldn’t have been out without a leash and the owner having control of him.

      • Dayna

        That’s a lie. The only people I see harassing and blaming the victims of pit maulings are you pit lobbyists.. I see it in every comment thread. You all start speculating that the kid must’ve done something to provoke the pit bull, or the parents are to blame for not watching their children properly. It’s amazing to me how you turn around and project that sickness on the anti-pit people. You do realize that MOST of these anti-pit folks have been victimized or their children or pets have been attacked in the past?? Were you aware of that? All you care about is yourself and your stupid choice of dog.

    • Lisa C

      You are awefully brave to be posting such racist comments….behind your keyboard. Ignorant and cowardly is not way to go through life…please smarten up.

      • s

        YES and alot of people are getting arrested for posting racial comments,because if they read the rules,its against the law to post thing of such.So don’t say anything to those person,they will hang themselves.

  • Nicole

    While this is absolutely heartbreaking for that little girl, it is ridiculous to blame a whole breed of dog. Pit bulls were originally bred as nanny dogs, so to say they shouldn’t be around children is obsurd. YES, pit bulls have now been bred for fighting, but that doesn’t mean they all have it in them. I have seen a pit bull get attacked, oddly enough by another pit bull, and roll on its back to submit to the attacking dog. I am one of those “fur baby moms” and I own a pit bull and a walkerhound, and my walkerhound is more likely to be a jerk than my pit. It is absolutely all in how they’re raised and trained. I have encountered more aggressive little dogs than I can count, the difference is the damage they can/cannot do. But if they’re trained correctly, that should never come into play. That’s like outlawing humans who’re over 6ft and over 250lbs because they’re more likely to have the ABILITY to hurt someone. Further, the media constantly reports dog attacks as pit bull attacks when the dogs are in fact boxers or bull dogs, just because they have similar features. They also report pit bull attacks more than other dog attacks, even though dogs other than pit bulls attack too. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, they used to blame the rotties, then the german shephards, now pit bulls…how about we take a look at the PEOPLE behind the dogs. Also, if it was the second time this dog attacked someone, shame on the city because this dog should have been handled a while ago. Of course first, try to send it to a place that knows how to rehabilitate a dog, but if that doesn’t work…well, there’s the other option that isn’t rainbows and sunshine.

    • John S

      You actually USED the Nanny Dog lie?? You do realize the the Pit Bull advocate that invented that particular story was torn to pieces by her own pit bulls. Her body was discovered at the bottom of the stairs in a pool of blood. Pit bulls were bred to fight and selectively bred to be ‘game’. They were bred to have a high tolerance to pain. Pit bulls were bred to attack and continue the attack until the object of the attack is dead. Are all pit bulls bad? No but the ones that are, or go bad, inflict far more damage in their attack than ANY OTHER BREED OF DOG and result in MORE DEATHS DUE TO DOG ATTACK THAN ALL OTHER BREEDS COMBINED These are simple facts that are backed up by real organizations like the AMA and the NII.The real problem isn’t the pit bull, it is the silky human that doesn’t realize that the Golden Retriever or Australian Shepard is a far better family dog, especially if the dog will be exposed to children. These dogs will alow a child to take a bone, pull on their ears and break their bones and their only natural response will be a nip or bite and release that rarely needs more than some kind words and a Bandai rather than two hunred stitches and years of plastic surgery or artificial limbs. ALL pit bulls should be spayed or neutered such that the breed (created artificially by man) is allowed to gracefully leave the scene since we no longer want, or desire, game fighting dogs amongst us. Any other argument is just plain BS.

        • Lisa C

          John…AKA pseudo police officer…Nicole may have the history scrambled…but she is right for the most part…You, on the other hand…are posting lies…about yourself….your profession…and about the histroy of the pit bull. Get real.

        • Dayna

          Why do you want to know Lisa? So you can threaten and harass him and try to get him fired for making a comment against your precious breed of dog?

    • silly2

      O!M!G! You are actually spouting, VERBATIM, the exact same bullspit every pit lover throws out there. You forgot to say even presidents owned pit bulls (oh my)! IMHO, the only good pit bull is a dead one. My man had to shoot one in my yard a few weeks back trying to attack my little mutt. It had a collar but no tags, we tried to find the owner, I was looking forward to dumping his viscious dead dog in his yard but no luck. I was just happy it didn’t go for my little girl. You go on loving your pit until it hurts you or bites your baby’s face off.

  • Brittany Powell

    First, I’d like to say I’m praying for fast healing for the little girl and comfort. Second, I never realized how ignorant and naive some people can be. ANY dog can attack. And the comment of how only pit bulls can do that damage, I guess you’ve never seen wounds caused by a German Shepard, Doberman, Rottweiler, Labs, and even Poodles(full size not miniatures)..I have. If people do their research they would see that Pit Bulls are actually not even in the top 20 of most aggressive dogs. It is DEFINITELY all on how they are raised. I have a pit mix and a full blooded pit and both never show aggression and are sweet as can be. But that doesn’t mean if they felt threatened they wouldn’t defend themselves. Plus, now a days it always shows up as a pit bull just because the dog looks like one and may not even be one. Come on people get a grip and get over yourself and your pit bull hating stereotypes.

    • C Adams

      BIG lie – Don’t want to confuse you with facts but google most aggressive dogs – Pit Bull is #2.

    • Lisa C

      Brittany, the peope posting ignorance on this forum are all part of a anti pit bull cult…see the website posted to my name. They make it their business to attack and harass responsible pit bull owners and victim’s families who do not agree with their agenda….

  • Clotus_Jones

    Pit bulls are nice dogs. She probably provoked him by pulling his tail or something. Good lesson there…don’t mess with Pits…that’s why we own them.

  • Merese

    North carolina legislators are negligent.. they are paid to legislate and are not doing their jobs.. Protect people first not dogs and dog fighters.. A Cailifornia woman was successful in sueing her local government for not passing and enforcing laws to protect people.. after she was mauled. South Carolina pitbull maulings are off the chart. I hope someone sues them blind so they get off their butts and pass laws to stop this madness.

  • nick

    The anti-pitbull cult is as ignorant as they come. I have a pitbull & a pug who get along great. I buy the pitbull giant dog bones that weigh about 10-15 pounds cause he will tear threw anything else in an hour; he shares it with the pug without hesitation. I took my pitbull to puppy school and the other dogs family had a young little girl he sat with her and let her play with him even if she got rowdy. I have had parties with upwards of 30 or more people at my house. He may have only recognized less than half of the people but did not care. My pitbull spends most of the day laying on the couch. He also will not go for your food, I left a plate with a deer steak and bratwurst on the coffee table to go get a drink he didn’t pay it the least bit of attenion.

    He has great temperment and everyone whose ever been to my house likes him except a few people who just are not fond of animals.

    The only problem I ever get out of him is that he get extremly upset when I leave for work or to go out of the house to do something. He then just goes and lays with the other dog till I come home or someone else at the house gets there.

    • Dayna

      Again, this is a story about another child that was attacked by a pit bull. No one cares about how wonderful you think your stupid pit is. You people are the most insensitive, disconnected nut jobs I’ve ever seen.

  • Stephanie Irwin

    Why on earth was the dog running around the neighborhood off leash?! Accidents like this are very preventable if people would just be more responsible and control their dogs!

    I feel bad for the little girl and I hope she has a speedy recovery. ♥

  • Samantha (Norfolk VA)

    I feel for news people you’ll never make everyone happy but if you stick to your job, that being reporting the facts then to heck with those who don’t like it. Good on you News Ch 3 for reporting the facts and if people don’t like the facts let them eat cake. Let’s not forget this story is about a little girl attacked by a dog. The fact the dog is a pit bull is just a piece of the story. I get it, any dog could attack, and the owners of these dogs hold the responsibility; regardless how they raised the dog they should pay any medical bills associated with the attack on the dog,

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