Sister of woman slain in 1992 : ‘She deserves answers’

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For 22 years, Linda Frye and Patricia Ferrari have visited their sister's grave in Portsmouth.

"It’s just so hard to have to come out here to see her this way," Frye says.

They say the most difficult part is the uncertainty.

"She deserves answers," Ferrari says.

In 1992, their sister Susan Hollingsworth was murdered. She was found half naked and suffocated. Her killer was never caught.

"Sue was my best friend. Not only my sister but my best friend."

On the morning of April 9, 39-year-old Hollingsworth was discovered in the passenger seat of her car, parked on Bart’s Street.

"They found her face down in her car with the seat reclined back with her pants down to her ankles," Frye says.

Carolyn Hetzko was with Hollingsworth the night before. They worked together waiting tables on base at Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth.

She says police never bothered to interview her, but says there's something they need to know.

"She got that phone call," Hetzko says.

She says that call was from a man asking for a ride.

"So she said well I’m going to go pick him up and then I’m going to go home," Hetzko says.

However, witnesses say Hollingsworth never went home. She was last seen leaving a club on Airline Drive with a man. After the murder, that man was one of 2 persons of interest. Neither were charged.

Investigators hope new technology will help solve her case.

"I just hope and pray that any type of DNA that they have it matches someone that was in contact with her that night."

Her sisters pray for answers that will finally give them closure.

"Love you sister,” Frye says as she kneels down next to Hollingsworth’s grave. “We're getting close. We're not going to give up on you. We're going to find out who did this to you."

If you have any information about this case, you can take action against crime and call the CrimeLine at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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  • Kristine Musial

    Take it from a person who had her sister murdered in 1975….yes..they were caught the same night….4 were in attendance and only 1 above 18 that was able to be sentenced. It was closure for a while. I hope the best for you. I hope you can put it behind you. I was 10 when it happened and am now 48. You just have to remember to good and not the bad.

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