Man struck and killed by truck in Newport News; driver arrested

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Kegan Michael Bilger

Newport News, Va. – Newport News Police say a 29-year-old man has been arrested after a pedestrian was struck and killed by a truck early Friday morning in the area of  Lees Mill Drive and Warwick Blvd.

The driver of the GMC Sierra truck that struck the pedestrian called police and reported the accident.  The pedestrian, identified as 27-year-old Patrick Michael Farrow, was reportedly walking on the side of the road coming from the Ft. Eustis off ramp onto south Warwick Blvd., when the truck, traveling southbound, hit the man.

Police say this area is poorly lit.  The man was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead around 3:20am.

The driver of the truck, 29-year-old Kegan Michael Bilger, has been charged with one count each of driving under the influence offense of alcohol (3rd offense) and involuntary manslaughter. He has been placed in the custody of the Newport News City Jail.


  • Sigh....

    I wonder if he still would have hit him if he hadn’t been drinking? Sounds like the guy may have been somewhere not so safe to be walking….The driver most likely bears most of the blame, but I’m wondering if he might defeat the maslaughter charge if it can be proven that the pedestrian was putting himself at risk.

  • Toni

    No thaT charge should stick he should b made a example of…. It was his 3 offense. Drunk driving is not ok the artical is rt it is hard to see down there but all the more reason to be on the look out

  • chris

    The area is not well lit…. But that shouldn’t matter. What matters is that that man knowingly got behind the wheel after drinking. If you can’t see far enough ahead to stop if you are going to hit someone or thing in the dark…. You slow down. The victim was my best friend for 14years…. Have some respect, the charges should stick!

    • Mooshu

      Hey Chris..I know you and Bird were best buds and I am sorry for your loss.He will be missed for sure.I just ran into him this past week.I agree the charges should stick first time third time tenth time it doesnt matter wrong is wrong drunk driving is illegal.Poor lighting should not be a factor at all! They make high beams and brakes for a reason.

  • carol

    A young mans life has been taken. Yes, the charges should stick. Do not drink & drive. 3rd offense, come on. I agree with the comment above. Have some respect.

  • Ed

    At least the guy stopped and called the police most drunks take off and don’t care what happened or what they hit. So sad for everyone involved

  • Flopkins (@She_Opines)

    First of all, this news agency needs to get their fucking facts straight. This would be his 2nd offense IF he’s charged with a DUI, but since he blew below the limit, it isn’t and shouldn’t be considered a DUI. Bilger is a war veteran, he stopped and rendered aid to the man who was jay walking in a poorly lit area. Accidents happen. I feel for Farrow and his family, I really do. It’s not cool this happened, but I also don’t think Bilger should be locked up for mistakes taken on both sides.

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