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Oceanview business owner featured on Undercover Boss

Norfolk, Va. - A Hampton Roads business owner was in the national spotlight. Oceanview PostNet franchise owner Amanda Crow was featured on CBS's hit show Undercover Boss, but there was a twist.

In a special episode, a PostNet employee previously featured on the show was disguised to spy on Crow. The whole time PostNet’S CEO was watching.

NewsChannel 3 got to sit down with Crow and her employees to watch the episode.

It was clear right away that Crow was on to something.

"His beard was kind of shedding all over the place and I kind of even said something to him because it was fake and I think a little uncomfortable," Crow says.

Once the employee’s cover was blown, Crow shared her story.

Now a widow, Crow says it was always her and her husband’s dream to open a PostNet. She says her husband served in the Navy.

"Actually he was murdered here in this house believe it or not and it's still under investigation," Crow says.

"One of our favorite movies was Dirty Dancing so that was kind of our thing,” she says. “I had the time of my life."

At the end, Crow got the surprise of her life.

The PostNet CEO gave Crow $50,000 to help her achieve her dream of owning another PostNet franchise come true.

“I feel like part of a family," Crow says.

With the money, Crow opened a second PostNet franchise this year in Virginia Beach.

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