Loaded gun discovered in man’s carry-on baggage at Norfolk Airport

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Norfolk, Va. – On Wednesday, a man on his way to Charlotte was stopped at Norfolk International Airport after officials say a loaded handgun was spotted in his carry-on baggage.

They say the gun was discovered while an officer was staffing the checkpoint x-ray machine. A loaded .380 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun was loaded with five rounds and one chambered officials say.

TSA officials notified the Norfolk Airport Authority. The gun and the ammo were confiscated and the man was arrested.

He was then allowed to take his flight without the weapon.

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  • Ha ha!

    Wait-he was arrrested and then just allowed to get on the plane and go? Doesn’t make much sense to me-if he was arrested, shouldn’t he have been detained? Otherwise, you might as well just issue him a ticket or something. Bizarre.

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