Pat-downs to be moved inside at Oceanfront bars

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Virginia Beach, Va. - David Livingston has a sliver of pavement to do security pat-downs. They're something he thinks is vital to the safety of his bar, The Cave.

"The ordinance doesn`t say you have to do it inside, it says you can`t do it on city property," he told NewsChannel 3.

Police are asking bar owners to stop doing pat-downs on city property and move them inside.

But Livingston says that's not safe for his customers.

"You want to keep any problems outside the building before they become a problem. I think that`s the whole idea for security," he added.

In a meeting yesterday, top Virginia Beach police officials met with business owners to discuss ways they can work together to prevent what happened last year -- an out of control beach weekend when thousands of young people stormed the Oceanfront.

Officers say it's a turn-off to tourists to see pat-downs on city sidewalks.

It's something Peabody's night club owner, Brandon Ramsey agrees with.

"I don`t think you should do something like that on the city sidewalks. I don`t think that looks appropriate, they should do that inside the business," Ramsey said.

But Livingston says, why is tourism the focus?

"I don`t think it`s as much safety as it is dealing with tourism and the perception of people coming through town. That`s the way the city operates though. I don`t get upset with it, I just don`t like it," he says.

Police are also asking bars to change their rope lines, saying they shouldn't extend more than three feet onto city property to avoid large crowds on the sidewalks.

"I gotta move my line in a foot OK. That`s not big a deal of course it might mean my line may go down twenty feet farther," Livingston told NewsChannel 3.

Livingston says Oceanfront bar owners got a letter from police about two weeks ago, asking them to make these changes. So far, he says he hasn't any officer come and enforce them.

Police say they're just suggestions that they hope business owners will agree to.


  • Kelvin

    Why not put up a 4ft wide security screen.. Conduct the
    pat downs behind the screen… It ain’t rocket science..

  • Donald

    So as soon as someone is stabbed or shot in the bar here comes the city of virginia beach officials and and the vb police gestapo to shut you down. Do you get security checked after you get on an airliner? Ridiculous. Another case of vb worrying about tourist. These people dont live here year around. What planet do they come from if they havent veen security checked? Remind me not to fly on whatever airline that brought these tourist here. Vb is obsurd abd their leadership is a joke. Where is Scott Taylor when you need him???

    • AntonZ

      No, but you do get patted down after you get IN the airport, not out in the street. I’ve been flying and going to bars my entire life and never had a pat down. This sounds more like a personal problem to me. Good luck with all that “worldliness” you got going on there Donald and you may want to make some different lifestyle choices..

      • Donald

        I have been living in vb since 1967. I forgot more about this area than you know. As far as worldly im sur I have been to more countries than you can spell. Before you become an advocate have some information and some history.

        • AntonZ

          Sorry but if you are comparing a pat down in a bar doorway to a pat down on a plane. That tells me all I need to know.

  • politically correct

    actually I was hoping they would make it a law instead of a suggestion so when someone did get hurt inside a bar that bar would sue the mess out of the city, the chief, and anyone else involved in putting the delicate sensibilities of tourists over the safety of patrons of these businesses.

    • Donald

      You are so right. I assure you that the vb police would never come up with that on their own. They dont have the mandate to do so on an issue so trivial and political. It is the council of vb and others who have concocoted this measure of buffoonery.

    • AntonZ

      Wow. You’re going to blame the city of Virginia Beach because you don’t feel safe in bars anymore? That’s a good one.

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