Elizabeth City VFW Honor Guard on viral funeral photos: ‘That’s disgusting’

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Elizabeth City, NC - Two recent photos posted on social media by Spc. Terry Harrison, a member of the Wisconsin National Guard, have quickly gone viral.

The caption for one: "WE put the FUN in funeral your fearless honor guard from various states."

The pictures sparked outrage among Honor Guard members at the Elizabeth City VFW Post 6060.

"That’s disgusting," says Howard Holmen, a Post 6060 Honor Guard member.

"It seemed like everything was big party time, big joke," says Post Commander Greg Stafford.

The names of Post 6060’s fallen Honor Guard members are memorialized on a plaque.

"You’ve got your Vietnam, WWII, Korean vets here,” Stafford says. “They saw more sacrifice than we could ever imagine in our life and these guys here are just spitting on their graves."

The second picture posted by Harrison shows a female soldier with a folded flag in the background.

This caption reads: “It’s so damn cold out…WHY have a funeral outside! Somebody’s getting a jacked up flag…”

"We all suffered in the military,” Holmen says. “If you can't stand outside in the cold for two or three hours you don't deserve to wear a US military uniform. That should have never happened. That’s a lack of leadership.”

According to the CBS affiliate in Madison Wisconsin, WISN 12 News, Spc. Harrison has been suspended from her duties on the Funeral Honor Guard team.


Photos of funeral honor guard spark anger, investigation


  • thetimchannel

    Let’s respect the troops when the troops do stuff we think is respectful? Like torturing prisoners? You can’t have it both ways. You can’t expect to desensitive our young people to suffering and death so they can inflict it with ruthless efficiency at the beck and call of society and then turn around and act all put out when you see what you have wrought. #warcrimes Enjoy.

    • Bob

      One, I guess you lack the strength of character to put you name where your mouth is! To make such a comment means you haven’t served in the Armed Services or had family and friends give their lives so that you could enjoy the freedom to make such a comment. Yes, in every society there are a few bad apples but to ignore their wrongs will not make things right. You certainly aren’t setting a good example with your comment. A Proud Army Veteran!! God bless those who serve with dignity and respect!

      • thetimchannel

        What are you railing on about Bobby? I am an honorably discharged Vietnam era servicemember, so don’t act like you have a corner on service to this country. Also, I am not hiding from anybody or posting anonymously, even if you have a hard time figuring out how the internet works. That is the province of rightwing trolls and religiously retarded creationists. Enjoy.

        • R. Chandler

          If this had been your funeral or one for a close friend that you served with, would you still be spouting all of this about how society is today? Should we overlook what they’ve done to bring discredit not only upon their own unit but the military as a whole because the youth of today have become “desensitized” by all the actions of others? We are talking about respecting those that gave their lives in service to this great country, those that paid the ultimate price to defend what they thought was right and just; not those that also brought discredit to the service by actions that were wrong. Do not get these two wholly different events mixed up, dishonoring the death of a service member is not the same as “like torturing prisoners”.

          R. Chandler, United States Navy

          • thetimchannel

            Once you get the troops used to dehumanizing the enemy to the extent that they are torturing them, it’s no shock to see them exhibiting anti-social behaviors of the worst kind. They are less culpable than the leaders in the barbarity in which they participated, but at the end of the day, this is karma in action. Blowback of the most visible sort. Enjoy.

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