Numbers show 78% of students attended Saturday make up day at Virginia Beach schools

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Virginia Beach City Public Schools have released the attendance numbers from the first Saturday make-up snow day.

  • Divisionwide: 78.31 percent
  • Elementary: 79.94 percent
  • Middle: 81.03 percent
  • High: 69.17 percent

In total, 55,239 students were in attendance Saturday and 13,646 were absent.

As a comparison, Friday’s attendance numbers were also released.

  • Divisionwide: 96.84 percent
  • Elementary: 97.31 percent
  • Middle: 97.31 percent
  • High: 95.76 percent

A school by school breakdown of attendance is available on


VB School Board member drafts resolution to Saturday make up days

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  • wilder125

    My old school had 20 days a student could miss without a note of explanation.

    Guess what I would have done if this happened here back then.

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