One arrested after shooting at Gallery at Military Circle

Norfolk, Va. - Police announced Tuesday that one person has been arrested for their involvement in the Friday shooting at the Gallery at Military Circle.

Javonte Jordan, 20, was arrested for felonious assault and use of a firearm.

Javonte Jordan, age 20

Javonte Jordan, age 20

Additional arrests may be forthcoming.

A video was posted to Instagram just minutes after that shooting Friday afternoon.

The victim was lying there as several people tried to help him.

Police say the victim is out of the hospital.

Police say a fight broke out between several men before one of them pulled out a gun. The exact reason or cause of that altercation remains under investigation.

One store manager admits business was pretty slow over the weekend.

Some shoppers admit they don't want to chance going there unless mall officials step up security.

“I just wish they would do something with security issues because it's a waste of space. You know all these stores, people, residents and all won't go shopping there. It's just a waste,” says Whitney Brown, a shopper.


Man shot at Military Circle mall; several suspects in custody

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