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Teens feel more pressure than adults survey finds

Adults have to answer to the boss, answer a slew of emails and cook dinner for the family.

Teens have to worry about finals, balancing their social media accounts and making sure they get into the best universities.

So who is more stressed?

A new survey says teens.

According to CBSNews, The stress in America survey found that during the school year, teens averaged a 5 point 8 out of 10 on a stress scale.

Most of them said school was a major source of their stress.

Adults averaged a 5.1 on the scale.

And what’s the top stresser for them? You guessed it–money!

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    Not doubting the results of the survey. I would expect teens to be more stressed because they don’t know how to “DEAL” with stress or identify the causes and how to get in under control. That comes with age and the ability to adjust.

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