Update: I-64 eastbound at HRBT now open after crews work to reattach metal panels

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Update: I-64 Eastbound at the HRBT has now reopened according to VDOT. 

They say after two inspectors discovered two metal panels out of position at the entrance of the tunnel, they had to close the tunnel in the eastbound direction to reattach the panels to the concrete. 

They say there was no significant structural damage done to the HRBT. 

Right now I-64 eastbound is closed at the HRBT as crews work to reattach two metal panels to the concrete ceiling inside of the tunnel.

VDOT says no tiles have fallen.

Inspectors discovered the panels were out of position and closed the HRBT eastbound to evaluate the two panels.

VDOT says they do not know when the HRBT eastbound will reopen.

Traffic is now being detoured to the MMMBT and also being turned around at exit 268 at Mallory Street.

Elizabeth River Crossings tells NewsChannel 3 they do not have to suspend tolls for a maintenance emergency. This only happens when a state of emergency is declared by the government and emergency evacuations are necessary.

VDOT says there are other alternatives that are free including the Gilmerton and High Rise if people are trying to avoid paying the tolls.

You can take any of the following detours:

From I-64/I-664 Interchange in Hampton to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront drivers can go through the Midtown Tunnel, Downtown Tunnel, the Gilmerton or the High Rise.

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  • Elizabeth McGraw

    I know that it must be a very serious problem for VDOT to shut down.the HRBT. This is something I don’t believe they would do without thinking it was a concern for public safety.

  • Kevin Fischbach

    need to know a time for this supposed last through rush hour quote. When will it open back up, wife gets off at 0730.

    • DGS

      @Kevin if your wife gets of at “0730” you probably won’t have an issue… she would either be off already by hours or working well into the night through the morning since this is 7:30 AM… to use military time you should have stated she would be off at 1930 in place of your 0730… in this case as far as I have seen with traffic this time frame is just outside of “rush hour”

  • Dantae Hunt

    this is crazy and it reminds me of when the JRB and HRBT was closed the one weekend that caused a gridlock. my family has been on bridge for 35 minutes (JRB) and some Westside Elementary students in Carrollton got home extremely late because of alll the traffic coming thru Isle of Wight. Then after people do that big detour now they gotta pay a toll a way they dont usually go. Virginia is cold hearted.

  • Georgeskpg

    I have to believe that VDOT must have better rerouting plans than what was used this afternoon. 4 hours in standstill traffic was not necessary.

  • dumbfounded

    I would like to be informed if the tiles were in one lane area whereas traffic could still flow. I thoroughly understand that there are high liabilities to knowing a tile is loose and not taking action, but safety can be considered along with traffic progression.

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