14-year-old caught driving with drunk stepfather

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Newport News, Va. - Newport News Police arrested a 30-year-old man and ticketed a 14-year-old boy after an incident Thursday night.

Police say around 10:30 p.m., an officer noticed a 2000 Lexus traveling northbound on Jefferson Avenue in the far right lane with no rear lights.

The officer made contact with the driver, who turned out to be his 14-year-old stepson.

The passenger, 30-year-old Victor J. Labega, told police that he called the boy to pick him up because he was too drunk to drive.

Labega was arrested and charged with Abuse/Child Neglect: Reckless Disregard for Life. He was also wanted out of Virginia Beach for capias.

The 14-year-old driver's mother was notified to come to the scene. He was issued a summons for No Operators License.


  • Brittius

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    If the kid drove nicely, then the court should dismiss the ticket as he was being responsible. The drunk, if licensed, and is lawful custodian/owner of car, should get the equipment ticket, and for allowing and unlicensed/under age person operate the motor vehicle. Ticket does not go to a minor, it goes to their parent/guardian. Traffic court should toss that ticket out.

    • mollusk871

      This man has served multiple jail terms for drunk driving. He failed to appear in court in Va Beach for drunk driving. Was arrested before in Newport News for drunk driving. As a police officer he severely beat a helpless suspect. As a teen he help beat another teen into a coma. He was kicked out of the Army. The mom knew all this and still exposed her kids to this man. The court should lock him away for many years and charge mom with child abuse.

      • Brittius

        Wow! That is some background history. Regarding the DWI, in New York State, it was that the first arrest gets the slap on the wrist as an impairment. If there is another arrest for the same thing, that is held at VTL Section 1192.2 Operating while intoxicated. If convicted, it is counted as the first conviction. Then, ten years from the last date in Court, if within that time frame, another arrest, that will result in one year incarceration.
        All of the other things, how on earth did he ever become a cop? I had to show a DD-214 with an Honorable Discharge (USMC), and also, pass a psychiatric examination that he never should have passed with a personality like that. Years ago, in the 20th Century, there were a few “iffy” people, and they were always kept on a short leash and never let out of sight of a veteran cop. Over time, some did become accustomed to the fact that the job is about helping people, and not, carrying a gun or having a badge. I have seen a few bad apples, but they always do something that gets them terminated at Departmental Trials.
        Here’s the thing. If you are a cop, then you will understand my comment, because, you cannot, issue a universal summons to any minor under 18 years of age. The parent or guardian must receive the summons. I stopped kids driving. One was 15 years old and driving a sick friend home. Vomit inside the car. They were drinking liquor. Kid drove that car magnificently. I couldn’t charge him. His mother had to be called to the stationhouse and it was a juvenile case and went to Family Court. Absolutely nothing happened to that kid. One parent household, mother on welfare. Nothing happened. I also stopped two nine year olds. Thought it was a drunk driver. Pull up along side, looked like midgets! Two fedora hats with the brims snapped upwards, smoking cigars that were pointed to the sky. Drunk midgets? Light ’em up/Lights & Siren. They were playing. The father of one kid was snoring after a hard day doing concrete construction work as a laborer. Kid and his friend grabbed the car keys, and his father’s cigars. When I called him down to the stationhouse, he was mad. Told him, he can’t do anything here, those days are gone. I have a pretty good idea what happened when he got the kid home. Something about a strap and not sitting down for a week…

      • puplerain

        Where did you get this information from Google? Are you his lawyer? Juvenile records are usually sealed so how did you know he beat someone when he was a teen seems like violation of ethics. I can’t imagine how he was kicked out the military and became a police officer maybe you should investigate the police department who failed to their job by failing to do a background check…WoW amazing

      • heyitsnowing

        Are you implying a person with a past criminal record should not be allowed to get married and have children in their lives.Because they might do something stupid again so the mother should be locked up for dating this person. The person is not allowed to try to change and become a productive citizen. I guess they should lock of Ray Nagin wife too because she probably spent some of the money and accompanied her husband on some of those expensive trips. Harsh world……

        • mollusk871

          Since being married to this mom he has served two jail terms. Now having failed to appear in court in Va Beach and with these new charges he will being headed back to jail.

          • heyitsnowing

            I am unable to answer that question because I do not know the guy personally. I am assuming you know this couple by making statements regarding their marriage, his background, and how many children she has.. If you do not know this couple can you please provide me the website where you obtain this information.Remember stalking is a crime and it’s creepy..

          • mollusk871

            Looking up information on the web is not stalking. The creepy thing is making excuses for adults that harm their children. Adults are allowed to repeatedly make poor choices that harm themselves, but children need better environments

          • heyitsnowing

            May you please send me the link where you found this information. I would like to bookmark it just in case I may need to use it in the future.Unless you know these people personally you can only assume the environment is bad.How do you know if this person drinks everyday are you around him? How do you know if this person is violent and have anger issues ? Let me answer that for you the web right… I will not judge a book by it’s cover. Yes children do need better environments why don’t you become proactive by helping those kids. A little help goes a long way…

  • Trish

    It was ok late last year for Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter Noah, who is 13 to drive around LA with her dad. No ticket, not even a social service visit.

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